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Alejandro Fernández in tribute to Vicente Fernández: history and pre-sale of “De rey a rey” in Plaza de Toros México

Alejandro Fernández in tribute to Vicente Fernández: history and pre-sale of “De rey a rey” in Plaza de Toros México

“El Potrillo” will perform a concert of the classics of his father, who died in 2021 (Photo: Osisa)

Alejandro Fernandez He will pay tribute to his father Vicente Fernandez At a private party afterwards October 25 In the Plaza de Toros la Mexico. Event, called From king to kingIt promises a musical journey through the successes of both artists.

Alejandro Fernandezknown as “dowry”He announced that this ceremony would be a way to honor his father’s memory. “Charo Huentitan”Who left an indelible mark on ranchera music.

The father-son relationship and Vicente’s influence on Alejandro’s career are key aspects of this honor.

Tickets for this concert will be on pre-sale at Citibanamex at June 13 It can be purchased at the Plaza de Toros México box office or on the platform Ticket manager another day.

Vicente Fernandez sings with his son Alejandro during a free concert at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City on April 16, 2016. Mexican regional music star, Vicente Fernandez, died on December 12, 2021. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte, archive)

he September 15, 1984, Vicente Fernandez established himself as a legend of Mexican music by performing in the same arena, which will now serve as a stage to honor his son. The audience who attended on that occasion applauded the singer, which indicates the audience’s admiration and love.

During the ceremony From king to kingAlejandro will perform his father’s songs and his own, taking a tour of the traditions and heritage of ranchera music. Fans of both artists are awaiting this event with great anticipation, and it promises to be one of the most emotional moments of the year.

Alejandro Fernandez’s career has been supported by his father since his childhood (Instagram/ @alexoficial)

Alejandro Fernandez has shared emotional statements about his father on several occasions.

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In various interviews, he expressed his deep admiration and respect for him, and highlighted his legacy in music and in his personal life.

Alejandro remembers how Vicente was a key figure in his life, both professionally and in his personal training.

Additionally, he highlighted his father’s influence not only on his career, but also on ranchera music and Mexican culture. Alejandro also mentioned the influence and values ​​that Vicente instilled in him, which guided him throughout his life and artistic career.

Coquita Abarca, Vicente’s widow, shared how much she misses the charro (Ig: alexoficial)

Vicente Fernandez passed away at the age of 81 on December 12, 2021, leaving behind his legacy as one of the great icons of ranchera music.

Since then, the family has remembered him on special moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries or Day of the Dead, moments that highlight his greatness as well as the affection he had for his children and grandchildren.

However, for the translator Like someone who loses a star This was not easy to comprehend, as his mother, Ms. Coquita Abarca, revealed in a meeting with several media outlets in 2023.

El Charro de Huentitan died on December 12, 2021 (Sony Music)

“It was harder for him because it was his turn when Vicente died,” said the widow of the famous Mexican singer. “So it was heavier for him, but there it is,” he continued.

Her advice to everyone who was listening: “Let us move forward,” she said. We only have one life, we don’t know how long or short it is.

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