August 8, 2022

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The movie that sweeps Netflix was about to be very different, but Jason Statham didn't get away with it.

The movie that sweeps Netflix was about to be very different, but Jason Statham didn’t get away with it.

Arrived last Friday on Netflix “The Man from Toronto”Action comedy movie starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson. On the platform, it has achieved a great deal of success, but the truth is that it was designed to be shown in theaters and also so that Jason Statham Interpretation of the end that ended up in the hands of the villain Poison: There will be a massacre..

From Statham to Harrelson

At Sony, they wanted Statham to play the scary guy from Toronto, but a big problem arose. The studio wanted it to be an action comedy for the whole family, while the protagonist was awaken anger I was The pressure to be a film that focuses more on adult audiences. The company did not give her arm to twist and the actor preferred to focus on other projects such as “Mercenary 4”.

This forced Sony to scramble for a replacement, or else they risked Hart having to drop out of “The Man From Toronto” due to scheduling conflicts. Harrelson agreed only a few days after Stathan’s whim, but to complicate matters further, Filming had to finally be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemicbut Hart was able to stay on board when the cameras started showing up in October.

The reason for this is that its arrival in theaters has been postponed from November 20, 2020 to September 17, 2021. Then there will be two delays before Sony decides to sell the distribution rights to Netflix later this year.. The question remains how he would have succeeded in theaters, but they would surely be very happy with this takeover of the platform. Now is the time to see her in case she ends up slipping best netflix movies From this 2022 or not.

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