August 7, 2022

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This is the Da Vinci System, an incredibly precise and advanced surgical system that allows for remote operation

This is the Da Vinci System, an incredibly precise and advanced surgical system that allows for remote operation


The genius of the Renaissance gives a name to the robot that has revolutionized operations around the world.

The technology covers All sectors Society, of the purest entertainmentgoing through the obvious office workeven places like Hospitals, where any improvement in its facilities and tools can be crucial to the lives of patients. We have seen cases where technology He was able to play one trickHow Autonomous bots that hackers can controlor where it is the same, through Artificial intelligencehas got Distinguish a person’s race simply by an X-ray image. If you want to know the last limits in 21st Century OperationsThese bots will give you all the answers.

This is what one of Intuitive’s surgical robots looks like. Urology Austin

A family of robots who want to help humans and are already being used in hospitals around the world

company intuitive surgical Presents Da Vinci Surgical Systemwhich allows Surgeon Use a series of Tools to do Operations with the help of robotic elements. There is no artificial intelligence or intrinsic ability in these computers, but rather they are specialized one through modern machines You can perform operations in a more practical and simple way than what has been done so far.

The the system translate the hand movements for movements robotic arms In real time, that accuracy is just as accurate as expert hands. The system also includes files High definition vision and three dimensions From the area to be operated on, given the size of the instruments, the surgeon can perform it complex operations with the Minimal cracks.

be three The Hardware consisting of da Vinci systemfirst of them surgeon unit, allowing you to sit back and control the machines. Second, we meet patient trolley, which is placed next to the stretcher where the camera and tools are located. Finally we have a file vision chariotWhich allows communication between devices and supports the 3D imaging system.

Currently, the company has Four models From his da Vinci system, among them Da Vinci yes surgical system, Da Vinci X surgical system, Da Vinci XI Surgical device and Da Vinci SP1 Surgical system. these ToolsFar from being a recent innovation, indeed time between usAlthough the years have passed, their systems are updated with the latest technology. Hospitals Such as Texagorexo in Vitoria-Justiceexactly like Published in 2009 El CorreoIt has been Pioneers in the use of technology In patients needing surgery.

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