June 23, 2024

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Math Notes was the most exciting announcement at WWDC

Math Notes was the most exciting announcement at WWDC

Incredible as it may seem, IPAD You’ve never had your own calculator app like this one iPhone. That’s just changed with iPad OS 18. When the new operating system launches in the fall, users will finally be able to do something quickly. Math on iPad and more.

This is one of those updates that should have happened a long time ago. Honestly, that’s how I felt about a lot of the updates that were announced. in it WWDC Held today in Cupertino, California. With all the AI ​​announcements and minor improvements coming to iOS and MacOS, the reveal of Math Notes in the Calculator app available on iPadOS has me excited.

More space on the iPad is one of the reasons you’ll benefit more from including a calculator. Users can benefit from advanced mathematics by using scientific formulas more quickly. Taking into account the increased screen size, iPad Air As we saw recently, this update makes more sense.

The new Calculator app will include two new features: date and unit conversion. As the name suggests, the former will allow you to return to your previous accounts and the latter will convert units in the app so you don’t have to leave Safari.

Math Notes is the cool feature of the calculator, and honestly, it was the feature that impressed me the most throughout the entire presentation. The small calculator icon that allows you to switch between the Basic and Scientific layout will now include a third option, Math Notes.

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Selecting this feature will take you to the Notes app dedicated to the Calculator app, where you can type any mathematical expression (via Apple Pencil). Pro) and the result will appear to you once you type the equal sign in front of it. It also allows you to modify the expression and the result changes before your eyes. I know it’s great.

You can also go beyond basic mathematics and include expressions from a scientific calculator. Because Math Notes works just like the Notes app, it allows you to exit a note and return to it later.

The feature also supports variables for more complex mathematics. The keyword showed an example of a user solving a physics problem of calculating the maximum height of a table tennis ball when hit at different speeds and angles. Changing any variable (speed or angle) changed the solution in real time.

It’s better than that. You can also show the result visually by having Math Notes create a graph. Click the equal sign in your expression, and the Insert Chart option will appear. A feature that has impressed the math nerds is that you can enable a slider to display over one of your variables so you can play with it and see how the curve of your graph changes.

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