July 14, 2024

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Alibaba 128-core ARM chip ready to work

Alibaba 128-core ARM chip ready to work

arm therapist Yitian 710 from Ali Baba Cloud Ready to run, it has a maximum of 128 cores. This processor will compete with AMD’s EPYC and Intel’s Xeon series, although how it will perform is still unknown.

Yitian 710: Alibaba Cloud CPU with 128 cores is displayed

The Yitian 710 It’s a custom ARM processor from the folks at Ali Baba Cloudwhich was first introduced in October.

This custom ARM chip will power cases Elastic Computing Service (ECS) For a variable number of virtual CPUs, each will be linked to a physical core.

The company will start the preview with support for about 100 customers. For these customers, a team of 4 vCPUs, 16GB memory, 3GB/s network bandwidth. This preview will last for approximately two months.


powerful processor Yitian 710 character from Ali Baba It is made by people TSMC With a 5 nm knot. This processor contains more than 60,000 million transistors, for about 128 ARM v9 cores.

Specifications indicate that the chip works quickly 3.2GHz with 8 channels of DDR5 memory and up to 96 PCIe 5.0 slots.

This appears to be a statement of intent to compete with the EPYC and Xeon chain, which currently dominate the server market.

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According to Ali Baba, yetian It offers a “cost-effectiveness ratio” that’s double that of previous-generation chips powered by Intel and AMD chips, so this investment in your technology will pay off more in the long run.

“ARM first talked about entering the server industry 15 years ago, and we are only now beginning to see that vision come to fruition. In this industry, the investments are big and it takes time to pay off.”ARM representative said. We will keep you informed.

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