April 13, 2024

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Alice Osman reveals how many seasons she'd like to get from 'Heartstopper' |  Film and Television

Alice Osman reveals how many seasons she’d like to get from ‘Heartstopper’ | Film and Television

It hasn’t even been a week since April 22nd Netflix Shown for the first time as an adaptation of the graphic novel heart plug Why The fantasy has already become an international success, at least in terms of critics and social networks.

The series has become one of the best-rated series on the platform in rotten tomatoesAnd It reaches 100% in the rating of professional critics and 9.8 by viewers. In addition, during the week of April 18-24, the TV series became the most commented on Twitter with interactions approaching 1 million accounts in just two days.

Awaiting confirmation from Netflix for a second season renewal, We have already analyzed the differences between the series and the graphic novel that occurred during the adaptation process, in addition to Explore the progression of the love story between Charlie and Nick If future episodes continue to be faithful to vignettes, there’s more than likely looking at it its creatorAnd Alice Osman was responsible for signing each episode as a screenwriter and was an indispensable part of the creative team for heart plug.

Statements by Alice Osman

While we can only wait for the streaming giant to give the green light for a new batch of episodes, what we do know is how many seasons its creator wants to adapt the novels as they deserve. Alice Osman answered the question during an interview with Radio TimesWhere he explained:It could take us four seasons to cover the whole story.Not that I planned everything in detail or anything like that, but it’s very easy to divide the books into seasons, so I think we’ll have four books.”

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The first season of the series adapts the first two volumes of the heart Which bears the translation in Spanish boys together s my favorite person. At the moment, in addition to this, two more have appeared: A step forward s more than words; In addition to a fifth due to be published in 2022, the story of Charlie, Nick and their group of friends ends.

The writer also took advantage of the interview to talk about her first screenwriting experience: “I hadn’t written a screenplay before, so I had to learn how to do it. […] Some parts of the process were easy and some were really hard. The way I write graphic novels is very similar to the script anyway, so I feel like I adapted the format pretty quickly.“.

While we wait for the confirmation of the second season of heart plug What we can do is Keep enjoying the soundtrackthanks to the official songtape produced by Netflix’s own account on Spotify to satisfy the thousands of fans it has already conquered all over the world.