June 28, 2022

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Twitter protects its source code to prevent Elon Musk opponents from changing it

Twitter protects its source code to prevent Elon Musk opponents from changing it

at the beginning of the week, Elon Musk Buyer Twitter For 44,000 million dollars. SpaceX and Tesla tycoon have taken over the most important social network at the moment, as they advocate changes to the platform regarding freedom of expression and some functions. However, not everyone took the purchase well. right Now, As they explain from BloombergThe company decided Postponing all scheduled updatesBeside The source code access rules have been modified Because of the increase in angry staff With the acquisition of musk.

Twitter blocks updates and changes to the source code to prevent unauthorized modifications

This was confirmed by the board of directors of the social network, which accepted the purchase offer made by Elon Musk on Monday The company’s listing on the stock market has been suspended The current executive branch will be dissolved. The changes will not stop there, because the position Parag Agrawal, the company’s current CEO, is up in the air. A manager who ended up with $42 million in compensation insurance if he was fired — in addition to salary and bonus — cannot continue in his current position. Knowing that no employees will be fired, many of them disagree with Musk’s purchase and the new Twitter executive order.

Many are worried about the direction the company’s mask will take, others do not buy it and fear a large part of the usual uncertainty in the process of a series of corporate acquisitions. Among the many measures taken to prevent internal vandalism, Twitter decided to block access to the source code to prevent unauthorized changes by angry workers and engineers from buying.

from now on Twitter engineers who decide to implement significant changes will need to obtain prior approval from the company’s vice presidentToo deep updates are left prohibited until further notice. Afraid of having groups of employees “Dishonest” With the social network after the change. In fact, regarding the Twitter code, one of the changes made by Elon Musk and his new leadership is that it aims to release the platform’s algorithms under a copyright license. open source Thus enhancing security for users and customers.