May 19, 2022

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An eye on New Zealand - Juventus Rebelde

An eye on New Zealand – Juventus Rebelde

The high-innings game at the Pan American Men’s Softball Championship, based in Argentina, was played by Cuba and Venezuela this Monday, lasting up to the tenth inning and fortunately favoring the Andalians. Nafaldo scored 5-4 at Cargnel Stadium.

The troop led by Leonardo Gardinas from Villa Clara made its debut a day earlier Do not hit and do not run In a joint performance between Santiago Guspel and Pluto Reliever, who won against Venezuela, after beating Guatemala 3-0, replacing opener and winner Alain Roman and Avilanian Roman.

Our country is part of Group A with Morocco, Guatemala, Dominican and Mexican, while Group B features actors from Argentina, Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico and Colombia. The top three teams in each category advance to the Super Round.

The exhibition offers four tickets to this year’s World Cup in New Zealand (November 26 to December 4) and five venues for the upcoming Pan American Games and regional events.

“The team is well prepared at Seiko de Avila and almost all the players are in excellent condition. Although it was a tough match, I think I had a chance to qualify for the World Cup and the Central American and Caribbean Games. All opponents are complex, have a good level of competition, but in our group Mexico and Venezuela are the toughest. Fortunately, the calendar was changed before the event started, and we are not playing a double game, but a single game daily, “he announced digitally. Rebellious youth Michael IbargOrIn, National Methodist of Discipline.

In the end, the Cuban team made its third smile? Against the Dominican Republic so advanced to the next stage.

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