May 27, 2022

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Alignment of planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn in April 2022: when and where to see

Alignment of planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn in April 2022: when and where to see

From the end of April and throughout May, a very special phenomenon can be observed in the sky consisting of a planetary convoy.

These last days of April and during may lunar calendar A very unusual astronomical phenomenon will occur Which consists of the alignment of four planets, which can be observed from Earth. Find out when and where you can see the planetary caravan of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn.

Alignment of the planets: when and where to see them

From now until the end of May Between five and seven in the morning, it will be possible to observe in the sky – from bottom to top, in a straight line-, To Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn Form a kind of “caravan”.

This phenomenon can be seen throughout the month by looking to the east and from any point in Argentina (And the world). You don’t need a telescope or any kind of eye protection, and with good vision, you can enjoy it in both cities and rural areas.

The alignment will be visible for several weeks and Jupiter and Venus will be only one degree apart, so you’ll need to use binoculars or a telescope to tell them apart.

On the second day, you can also see Mercury near the moon. It should be noted that the alignment is actually five planets. The fifth is Neptune, but the bluish gas planet will not be visible to the naked eye and you will need a very good telescope to get it out.

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in the meantime, It will be possible to estimate this Wednesday 27, about 6, it is a very compact triangle – more or less 4 degrees – that will form Venus, Jupiter and the MoonThe three brightest stars in the sky.

In turn, there will also be another certain event that can be observed only in the predawn of April 30 and May 1: Venus and Jupiter will approach and form a “double star”.

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