June 25, 2022

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Alyx is Levitation, and her first trailer is an action show

Alyx is Levitation, and her first trailer is an action show

This unofficial expansion of Valve’s VR shooter is coming to Steam very soon with nearly 5 hours of gameplay.

Not long ago we celebrated the second anniversary of Half-life: Alex, a video game that many saw as compelling reasons to move to virtual reality hardware, including modifiers who were quickly reluctant to take advantage of the tools Valve provides to create creations of all kinds. They are many and very diverse, but they do not have the ambition to rise New campaign up to 5 hours.

Thus, we face an unofficial expansion of the popular shooter where you must be “Alex”, this time with a mission to hunt down Maya and Barry, two members of the Resistance who have taken justice into their own hands shortly after discovering a floating building. at Combine Sector X. In PCGamer they comment that its setting bears a certain resemblance to the conceptual art of Region Series Movistar +.

In total, the duration is estimated at four to five hours, which is enough for users to enjoy the Valve universe for an afternoon or two again, facing all kinds of challenges that, at least in its trailer, seem to promise a lot of excitement.

Flyover is a collaboration between SFM animator Corey Laddo and level designer Shawn Snelling, a historian He was released for a period set in the third quarter of the yearin the next summer.

We were surprised recently Fine adjustment to visit Rapture in Half-Life: Alyx, the underwater city that captivated BioShock players. If you want to know more about Valve’s action and shooting video game, feel free to take a look Half-Life: Alyx Review Who said this in his last lines: Revolution Not only in the field of virtual reality, but in the video game itself.

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