April 19, 2024

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Amazon is sweeping this Mac mini with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD at a bargain price for a limited time

Amazon is sweeping this Mac mini with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD at a bargain price for a limited time

Sundays can be great, not because they end a wonderful week of rest thanks to Easter, but because we can find amazing offers on Apple products that we have always wanted to have, but due to certain circumstances, this was not possible . He is. Fortunately, if you're looking to buy a Mac mini, in this post we'll highlight one of the products with the best quality-to-price ratio since the arrival of Apple Silicon. Keep reading, because the show is crazy.

Mac mini: Power, performance, storage and display

the Apple silicon It was great revolution From the Tim Cook era. ARM processors outpaced the entire industry to the right, forcing them to come together quickly if they wanted to match the performance of the original Cupertino processors. One of the devices in which the revolution has achieved its best is the Mac mini, where initially, with the M1, they made an unprecedented leap in terms of Intel chips, but it increased without palliatives with the arrival M2Especially the M2 Pro.

The arrival of professional chips in the “mini” computer does not mean an increase in the price, but on the contrary, it has decreased. This is because by developing their own equipment, they do not have to rely on external suppliers, so they can increase their profit margins and create price additional competitive. Previously, the price of the Mini was one of its biggest problems. It is now one of its greatest attractions.

Now, the price drops do not end here, there are other platforms, like Amazon, that launch really interesting promotions, where you can find this Mac mini at a very interesting price.

  • Mac mini M2 Pro 2023 in silver with 16 GB RAM and 512 SSD: € 1,373. 12% discount.
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The best choice for 2024 has the last name “Minnie”

This unit contains the aforementioned second generation Apple Silicon, which is very professional equipment, but enhanced with access 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of unified SSD memoryPlus the CPU core is included.

It is true that it is not the most powerful configuration, but that does not mean that it is a lesser device. In fact, we can say that it is a device suitable for both professionals and ordinary users. The M1 with the same features has great performance and you will not miss additional performance except in rare cases.

Mac mini m2 ports

Finally, we don't want to conclude this review article without highlighting one of the most interesting points of this Mac, namely the huge amount of connectivity ports, since it practically has ports for everything: two USB CTwo U-shaped portsSB-A, Ethernet connection And HDM connectionI. The only negative point it has regarding peripherals is the lack Memory Card And from a hardware point of view, its speakers, which are slightly below the competition in terms of quality-to-price ratio. So, don't think twice and buy this Mac mini at a bargain price.