August 17, 2022

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Ameca: a robotic robot with facial expressions

Engineered Arts presents a video of Ameca, her humanoid robot that recreates facial expressions very similar to those of a real human.

developments Artificial intelligence The robots aim to recreate humans from head to toe. Although prototyping is still very slow, it is surprising how quickly you are progressing to mimic reality, this is the case Amica, The Humanoid robotic creature.

engineering arts Is a robotics company based in the United Kingdom, presenting its new humanoid robot and I was surprised by the way this robot can move many of its limbs and especially its facial features.

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while this Humanoid robotic creature He maintains a completely robotic core in his body structure in addition to his gray face, you can notice the peculiarity of his face, more and more human.

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Amica, the future face of robotics

Amica It is presented as an artificial intelligence effort in the Android body. the East Humanoid robotic creature It looks very realistic because it aims to develop and showcase the best machine learning interactions.

systems Artificial intelligence And machine learning Can be tested and developed in Amica Together with the operating system of Tritium Robot; Robot control software.

tritium It is designed to work within a web browser, from any device connected to the Internet. It can read almost any programming language and work with almost any program.

devices from Amica It is a development based on investigation engineering arts On robotic robots and built with them glamorous technology. He is responsible for the development of a wide range of human emotions.

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all Android Mesmer It is designed and made with 3D internal scans of real people. Allowing human bone structure, skin texture and expressions to be convincingly imitated.

The mandatory question is do we really need robots human characteristics?

Amica Gestures from engineering arts employment vimeo.