July 1, 2022

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Acertijo visual IMPOSIBLE ¿Podrás encontrar el número 125 en 8 segundos? el 99% no lo logra

An impossible visual puzzle Can you find the number 125 in 8 seconds? 99% don’t pass – teach me about science

Photo: cool.guru

Show your observation skills by finding the number 1 2 5 before anyone else.

main topic in visual puzzle Today they are numbers, the signs used to express amounts or values, a tool that mankind has sought since the beginning of time to be able to negotiate and put things in order.

This Brain Challenge was developed by awesome guru It will put your cognitive abilities to the maximum, as well as your thinking, it consists of finding numbers 125 In the correct order before the specified time, which is 20 seconds. Maximum concentration is required during this puzzle, note the columns and rows in detail, as well as find the logic to complete the chain.

Strive to impose a new brand among the users of social networks and test your mental skills.

Can you find the series of three numbers 20 seconds ago?

Find the number 1 2 5 now!

Photo: cool.guru
Photo: cool.guru

Photo: cool.guru

What do you think of this challenge, did you find the series without difficulties?

If you think you’ve got the answer, keep reading to find out and to make sure you can confirm beforehand with the hint. In the end we will detail the solution.

Can’t find the number string? We will give you a hint to solve it

small path

The string begins with the number one in the last row

Look at the picture again but this time it should be based on the path

Photo: cool.guru
Photo: cool.guru

solve the puzzle

It’s time to find out where the scalar string is, in the next image it is indicated

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Photo: cool.guru
Photo: cool.guru

Photo: cool.guru

Fun facts about numbers

  • The number zero was discovered in India
  • People’s favorite number is seven
  • Prime numbers help cicadas survive
  • Geometry was used in Egypt to measure the Earth
  • The number 2520 is ideal because it can be divided exactly by the natural numbers.

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