June 28, 2022

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Análisis de House of Ashes

Análisis de House of Ashes

Just in time for Halloween, Bandai Namco . has released ash houseThe third title of the horror anthology dark pictures. After Man of Medan and Little Hope, the publisher presents us with a new interactive horror story that, based on real-world events, whether fact, fiction or myth, presents a plot through a completely new setting and characters, without having to experience previous deliveries. .

House of Ashes, which is already available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, has a plot approach that is very different from the two installments, which if starring a group of youngsters, is now Special Forces personnel As heroes in the search for weapons of mass destruction after the end of the Iraq war. Described as a “horror shooter”, the game once again offers an interactive horror-filled storyline where any decision can change the fate of its heroes.

Terror in a very different environment

The introduction to the House of Ashes dates back to 2231 BC. There Balathu, an Akkadian general, experiences the arrival of a strange series of creatures that can be associated with any kind of ritual. Instead, the main story of the game revolves only a few years back, when Special Forces were looking for weapons after the end of the Iraq War. however, The five protagonists discover a submerged temple and end up trapped underground. There, a nest of ancient supernatural creatures awaits them that will give the player even more horror by appearing by surprise.

The new touch of the game lies precisely in its place and characters. This time we are not in a boat or in a lost city, if not in an abandoned underground temple. In addition, the player does not manage some children who go out to run in the face of any danger, if not armed army. In this way, although House of Ashes is also suggested as a cinematic-packed game with light exploration or QTE moments, it stands out for being able to see action-laden situations with gunfire.

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Once the adventure begins, the player realizes that here No slow pace like in previous installmentsBecause having weapons from the start changes the way you respond to a series of dangerous creatures: action wins. However, the structure of the game remains intact from the previous installments and what we can find as we explore are the images that unlock predictions of the future and secrets that reveal the mystery surrounding the characters. Similarly, decisions made by players are recorded in a list called directions.

Rachel, one of the heroes of the series House of Ashes

In the end, the biggest change in House of Ashes is that QTEs are based on gunfire. After all, failure in these moments is what can lead to death. Obviously, making the decision also changes the course of history to some extent, a story whose development and progression varies markedly Up to 60 different characters. naturally, Supermassive Games continues to create a game where decisions really matter There are different paths to reach the end in different formats.

Horror alone or with friends

House of Ashes can be played alone or with friends. Both options are perfectly valid, The story lasts 5-6 hours It is equally enjoyed in both modes. Individually, the thought of playing in the dark isn’t as scary as Little Hope, but it’s still a satisfying experience for fans of the genre. With offline friends it ends up being practically the same, but on the Internet you enjoy different situations, scenes with characters that aren’t shown individually. There is also the possibility to enjoy the director’s cut, which showcases these different situations. In short, it is a game that can be enjoyed again after a while to live it in a different way.

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What’s happening for the first time is that a game from The Dark Pictures is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series. With anecdotal download times, the game arrives with Two graphics modes: performance (prioritize graphics) and quality (up to 60 fps). However, as with previous games, House of Ashes stands out audiovisually on any platform. With the most realistic cinematics and the perfect soundtrack for full access to the terrifying temple, it culminates Premium dubbing into Spanish, which honors voice actress Ashley Tisdale, a Disney girl known for her participation in High School Musical and the Sweet Hotel.

ash house
Ash House is full of action

Ash House… and what’s to come

The House of Ashes will once again conquer The Dark Pictures players and even those who don’t know the anthology but love the kind of interactive stories and horror. However, the strength of the characters with their weapons and their bravery makes the action leave the horror in the background at times… It’s a short replayable game and it could be a mistake not to deliver important news, because at the end of the day Cabo follows the streak of previous installments as the third chapter of the first season from anthology This first set of games will end next year with The Devil in Me. Supermassive Games may not be revamping their horror stories until later, but for now We are still glad to be able to scare us in a story with a mystery that manages to reach the end to discover the truth.

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▪ Release date: 10/22/2022