August 14, 2022

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Are you for or against the time change?

Are you for or against the time change?

Like every last weekend in October, this year we look at the clock again to learn about time change. This time the hours hour delay, that is, at 3 am on Sunday it will be 2 (always less than 1 hour in the Canary Islands), which is colloquially known as that “We’ll sleep another hour.”

On the contrary, on the last weekend of March, the clocks are always set 1 hour earlier, which made us ‘sleep’ less hourOn the night of Saturday 27 to Sunday 28. In fact, the next change date is scheduled for the night of March 26 to 27, 2022.

Each time the mod event occurs this time, it is also said this time may be the last To turn the clock. There is another debate that also tends to arise among those present for and against from him.

Will time in Spain stop changing?

The goal of changing the time twice a year is to contribute to Energy savingAnd Adapt the co-working day to the hours of natural light. However, in 2018, the European Parliament discussed the possibility of repealing the time change and proposed a vote to consult European citizens on the issue, which led to results agree to suppress time change, As is already the case in some Latin American countries.

Based on this decision, it is up to each Member State what to do with the change of time within their territory and, for the time being, in Spain there is no decision on this. In addition to establishing a position on whether or not to change the time twice a year, if the latter is chosen, a decision will have to be made. What timezone He will be the one who will stay.

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So we are interested to know what you think of it and if you are With or against the semi-annual time change. It may also be that this question is completely indifferent to you. !value In our poll!