May 19, 2022

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Andre Carrillo is not excluded from the play-off for the Peruvian national team

Andre Carrillo is not excluded from the play-off for the Peruvian national team

The coach of the Peruvian national team, Ricardo Gareca, spoke about his team’s planning for the play-off match to go to the Qatar World Cup 2022, Against the winner of the confrontation between the UAE and Australia, on June 13. Without a doubt, it will be necessary for Tigre to have the best logistics and to arrive with all its players in the best conditions. in this way, The strategist explained Andre Carrillo’s position and revealed that he has many chances to reach the playoffs..

It is worth noting that Andre Carrillo suffered an injury in the match against Uruguay in the qualifiers and underwent an MRI. In this way, Culebra was not only left out for the last match against Paraguay, but the time of his recovery put his presence in the annex in jeopardy.

Given Andre Carrillo’s severe injury to his left knee, it is starting to be said that the winger will miss the crucial match for the Peruvian national team. However, Richard Gareca confirmed in a press conference that the technical leadership considers it will arrive. In addition, time plays in favor of the Peruvian player.

“We believe Andre Carrillo will arrive, he has arrived on time, we will not rush anyone to endanger his health, they have to give me a guarantee that he is in 100% of his possibilities,” revealed Ricardo Gareca. has been able to learn that there is an ongoing dialogue on the part of the technical leadership with André Carrillo.. Even the player is already starting to recover by not needing surgery.

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