May 16, 2022

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Unreal Engine 5: Great Video Shows - Video Games - Technology

Unreal Engine 5: Great Video Shows – Video Games – Technology

Last year, Epic Games launched a stage of Early Access or easy access to Unreal Engine 5, a graphics engine now freely available to developersSo anyone wants to use it.

Cooperation with production studios is essential to the success of the new product, although the same company has already announced this Works with Xbox, Sandfall Interactive, Nesting Games and PlayStationAmong other video game developers.

Which company also She is also the owner of Forniteone of the most famous games in the world, has already announced many popular video games, Like The Witcher in its fourth edition, They will be using Unreal Engine 5.

In addition, this new version also displays a file The system of micropolygons called ‘Nanite’, which It allows you to scan tissues to create a very high level of detail. Examples range from light to human faces and textures of natural spaces such as stones, mountains, water, and more.

With this update, Epic Games ranks very high in terms of video game developers. It is the functions and technologies offered by this graphics engine such as Lumen, an advanced global lighting solution, that allow for the amazing texture work that is revolutionizing the world of video games today.

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In addition to this, along with this release, two new free projects also came. Lyra Kateb Game It allows you to edit and create simple video game levels, tweaking color and lighting with the advancements of Unreal Engine 5.

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he is too sample city, a project based on the city featured in “The Matrix Awakens”, another Epic Games release. This tool allows us to study how this city was created, as well as the coding systems used.

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