May 22, 2022

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The creators of Fortnite announced RealityScan, an application that creates 3D models of real objects

The creators of Fortnite announced RealityScan, an application that creates 3D models of real objects

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Already in 2019 we had Evidence of a Samsung app that allowed object scanning their Galaxy phones. The only thing that didn’t work as one would think, although it is true is that it is one of the steps some companies are taking so that at some point in the future we can scan real objects to transfer them to a 3D grid. This future is approaching Thanks to Epic Games who just announced RealityScan, an app with those goals.

The creators of Fortnite and Unreal Engine

We are dealing with a company Strong commitment to technological development And its game engine is currently the most sought after in the industry. In fact, they just announced it Unreal Engine 5 Available.

wiping the couch

free android

But what matters to us in this case is RealityScan, an app that will soon appear on Android when announced by the developers of Fortnite. A few hours ago, Epic Games revealed a mobile app Turn real things into 3D models What could they be used in games and other types of virtual experiences.

scan result

Resultado del escaneo

El Androide Libre

En colaboración con Capturing Reality y Quixel, Epic Games ha dado a conocer las buenas nuevas sobre esta tecnología que permite el acceso a sofisticada fotogrametría para creadores a todos los niveles. 

Lleva tu mundo real al 3D

Este software RealityCapture ha dado un gran paso hacia delante y no tiene mucha competencia en este campo, al ser capaz de reconstruir objetos y escenas de cualquier tamaño, ya sea desde una imagen o un escáner de láser. 

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Now, the application is not yet available, but at that time you will be able to scan all the objects around you thanks to the augmented reality capabilities of our phones. In fact, and in this case, Google collides hard with different AR experiences like experimentsa nail new glasses even Runs on the operating system for RA.

Note that it is still in beta

Note that it is still in beta

free android

The interesting thing about this app is that it will allow Let’s pass the scanned 3D object directly to Sketchfaba platform for buying and selling 3D models acquired by Epic Games last year.

Still missing for the final version

Still missing for the final version

free android

It should also be noted that the app is currently in beta and what it suggests is the edge Across XDAfrom iPhone 12, Not reaching the quality level seen in the video Technology show. We are expected to reach this standard of what could change the way we understand our real world to move it into 3D which is fast approaching the metaverse.

The RealityScan version for Android It will be available later this year for us to take our phones and start scanning all the things around us.

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