December 9, 2023

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Andrés Bordoi: “We did not leave a good image in the standard settings with New Zealand”

Andrés Bordoi: “We did not leave a good image in the standard settings with New Zealand”

In England’s analysis: “I think the last game against South Africa confirmed that focus and analysis is the same. England played a very good game against South Africa until the 60th minute. We knew they were going to focus on the forwards.

“We didn’t leave a good image in that department with New Zealand, especially in the first half and it cost us dearly. That’s where we want to change that image.

Among the keys to the match against England: “In the first game we analyzed their line and maul game and we saw that it was profitable to take penalties in their favor. In that aspect, we were present and in stable formations. I think it was a good game but it was not enough. It was like the first match with the match against South Africa. The aim is to impose our game, not play theirs.

On the evolution of Argentina’s game: “The goal is to play seven World Cup games and today we’re doing it. It’s not for first or second place, but it’s still a defining event and it’s very important for us.

“Obviously, that first game against England was not what we expected, we fell into the trap of how they played and we couldn’t find solutions.”

“England almost won Saturday’s game (against South Africa) like they did in the first game against us. The positive thing is that we improved game by game and that is why we are in this event.

About Scrum: “There are 10, 12 scrums per game. First we specified the feature well, we knew what they were going to do and how they were making profit. England play a great 60 minutes (against South Africa) and then take that penalty to define the match. For me it’s a penalty because England’s number one is well punished for keeping his knees on the ground. “Permission is valid.”

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About England: “This is a team that analyzes the opposition a lot, how we play, what we want to do, know the players very well. It will be a battle to see who imposes their game and how. We can change what happens in the game. The team is ready,” he said.

“We’ve analyzed them a lot for a long time, for that first World Cup match, and now we’re lucky to get revenge for that match.”

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