December 9, 2023

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UNESCO calls for greater support for fashion in Africa

UNESCO calls for greater support for fashion in Africa

Regarding the multilateral entity’s presentation of the Africa Fashion Sector: Trends, Challenges and Growth Opportunities report, he said, “Africa’s fashion industry is off to a strong start and this report highlights its ability to continue to thrive.”

According to Azoulay, to achieve the necessary progress, it is urgent that designers, professionals and the entire production and distribution infrastructure receive greater support from government authorities.

He stressed that we see great potential for the economy, youth integration, women’s empowerment and the dissemination of African culture on a global scale, in a context also marked by the development of Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Director General considered that if he received the required support, the fashion industry would become one of the global standards on the continent, a standard that is supported by the report.

In this sense, the text reflects that Africa is an important producer of raw materials, as 37 of the 54 countries on the continent are dedicated to cotton production, and it is also a prominent exporter of textiles worth $15.5 billion annually. It is an importer of fabrics, clothes and shoes worth 23.1 billion.

Likewise, it highlights that there is a growing trend on the continent towards the consumption of locally manufactured items.

Among UNESCO’s emblematic strategies is the African Priority, which focuses on sustainable development, particularly in the areas of education, culture, science and information.


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