December 4, 2021

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Andrew Garfield no niega más su aparición en Spider-Man: No Way Home

Andrew Garfield is tired of denying his appearance on No a Way Home

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It is the most anticipated movie of the year. The film will bring together three generations, but it is not yet known if it will be with all the actors.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe It continues to expand. For this, the following films and series revolve around the theme of the multiverse. As we explained before, the term refers to the union of several facts. In this, several versions of the same character can appear. It will be one of the main points of this stage Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

The film will show the spider’s web, which is the confluence of the worlds in which Spider-Man dwells. As a basis, it is known that characters from previous generations or triads will return. The Doctor Octopus and the green puck from epic Tobey Maguire, like him Electro from Andrew Garfield are some signatures.

Therefore, the above indicates that the bad guys will be part of the above mentioned domains. However, the appearance Peter Parker of the aforementioned privileges. So far, the only one that will appear is Tom Holland.

On this topic, Andrew Garfield was one of those who was very direct. The actor, every time he is asked about it, does not hesitate to deny his presence on the project. In this way his answers were brief but they seemed to have already filled his patience.

This is about the Spiderman Photoshop thing we talked about at Jimmy Fallon. Listen, at this point… I’m sick of it. We’ll all find out when the movie comes out and be very disappointed, or very happy, or someone will say, ‘I told you so. And because of the movie, someone else might be like, “I told you so.” We will find out all of that. sorry in advance”, he pointed out.

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With this, the artist has left everything open, leaving matters to be decided as of December 16, when the film is released.

Source: GQ