June 21, 2024

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Anthony Blinken asserted that the United States was ready to take action against Russia if it invaded Ukraine.

Blinken said Biden made clear to President Putin the consequences of the invasion.

Foto: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Washington – United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken confirmed, on Sunday, that the United States is ready to take measures that it has refrained from taking in the past against Russia. If that country invaded Ukraine.

We are studying and are ready to take actions that we have refrained from taking in the past.Blinken said in an interview with “Meet the Press” on NBC.

The head of US diplomacy confirmed this And this was what US President Joe Biden “vehemently made clear” to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.And the same to his counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

But Blinken admitted that “the best” is “diplomacy, dialogue and de-escalation.”

If Russia moves in this direction, we can avoid another crisis“he added.

Asked about the possibility of Germany suspending the operation of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which has not yet started operation and which aims to transport gas from Russia to German territory, Blinken admitted that it is a “source of influence” over Moscow.

On Sunday, the club of the world’s richest democracies, G7, united its stand to confront a common front against Russia’s supposed intention to attack Ukraine.The Russian Arab Army threatened Moscow to pay a “heavy cost” if it committed any hostile act.

Russia should have no doubt that any new military aggression against Ukraine will have dire consequences and a heavy cost to respond.He said in a statement that the members of the Group of Seven are: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and Canada, in addition to the European Union.

Faced with the potential for an invasion of Ukraine, The Biden administration will have an evacuation plan for US citizens from UkraineAnd they will try to avoid mistakes made with the withdrawal of Afghan forces and citizens in August, according to a report by CNN.

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