February 28, 2024

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Apple is already working on several versions of the Apple Vision Pro, which is also a cheaper version

Apple is already working on several versions of the Apple Vision Pro, which is also a cheaper version

According to new information, Apple will have up to four Apple Vision Pro models in development.

Apple will develop four models of Apple Vision Pro

Launch of the first generation of Apple Vision Pro Not yet come. According to the latest rumors, the company is planning to launch its first space computer next March, but it is already working on future versions of it, including a cheaper version of the one we will see in a few months.

Multiple reports coming out of Asia claim that Apple will develop up to Four new Apple Vision Pro modelsAmong them is a new model that will be the next generation as well Another more affordable model in terms of priceWell, let’s remember that Apple Glasses will have a fairly high starting price.

Apple will have four Apple Vision Pro models in development

As they tell us from the middle Digi TimesBitten Apple will currently have cFour Apple Vision Pro models are in developmentOne is the next generation of Apple’s first space computer and the other is a more affordable version. Naturally, no data was provided for the remaining two.

As for Apple Vision Pro is cheaper, the cost of materials is expected to be much less expensive, falling to half the price of the first generation Apple Vision Pro. In this way a lower selling price to the public will be achieved. This version Manufacturing will begin next year and will be launched in 2025.

Another rumour, but this time from… Interface Newsstates that Apple had already begun communications with supply chains with the aim of… Reduced costs for Apple Vision Pro 2nd and 3rd editions. Apple’s goal will be to launch slightly cheaper devices to increase sales.

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Regarding the new features of the second generation, we know that Apple will improve its weight and comfort so that users can enjoy a better experience. But hey, there is still a lot to see, for now, let’s wait for the game to launch First generation to see how it works.