August 8, 2022

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Apple will tour the streets of Valencia to enrich its maps this summer

Apple will tour the streets of Valencia to enrich its maps this summer

Do you live in Valencia? Are you going to spend the summer there? we will You may meet with one or more Apple employees Like the one you see in the title picture. What it does: Capture images and data to improve the Apple Maps experience in the city.

Backpack for entry where cars can’t

Apple assures us with a statement that its Maps employees have already traveled more than six million kilometers around the world, either by some type of vehicle or on foot with a backpack. The aforementioned are equipped with LiDAR sensors and facilitate Entering pedestrian areas such as the streets of the old town Valencia or city parks and gardens.

The dongle that Apple uses to log data and images from its mapping platform.

In the particular case of Valencia, it is planned that employees will walk the streets of the city From the 15th of July to the end of SeptemberThey will be there all summer long. in Official Website From Apple, you can also see the passage of these employees through other Spanish cities and regions. You may have seen it this spring in Barcelona or Madrid (in which case, it will probably appear on Apple Maps)

Apple also at our disposal A map showing all the areas these employees walked throughYou have here That Barcelona metropolitan area. You can see that there is a preference for park areas, more difficult for cars, and areas of particular tourist interest.

The process of collecting all the data that Apple wants for its maps is a very slow process, but over the months and years, it is expected to get up-to-date images of all the most interesting places in the world. And of course, All respect the necessary privacy measures.

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