August 7, 2022

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Archie and hug him where no one knows he's a king

Archie and hug him where no one knows he’s a king

the Prince Harry (37) s Meghan Markle (40) They left the UK and the British royal family to live a more normal life and be able to give it to their children too. Now we know, thanks to the Daily Mail, that Archie actually goes to kindergarten and not anyone. Although their name has not been revealed, they are known to foster a very emotional and environmentally related atmosphere.

According to the data, children in the nursery spend a lot of time in contact with nature thanks to the fact that it is located in the middle of a field and has a grove full of birds and fruits. In addition, the school teaches them what is known in the education world as “emotional practice”. This is knowing how to recognize their feelings.

It certainly has nothing to do with the education that Prince Harry and his brother received in London.

family christmas greetings

The photo, taken by photographer Alexei Lubomirsky in late summer, came to light today with text that reads: “This year, 2021, We welcomed our daughter, Lillipet, into the world. Archie made us mom and dad, but Lily made us family. As we wait for 2022 to arrive, we’ve made donations to many organizations that honor and protect families, from those brought in from Afghanistan to American families in need of paid paternity leave.

These donations have been made since then Archewell Foundation, several NGOs Among them are Team Rubicon and Paid Vacation for Everyone.