July 1, 2022

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El telescopio espacial James Webb despliega con éxito su enorme parasol y alcanza su forma final de "diamante"

The James Webb Space Telescope successfully deploys the massive sunblock and reaches its final “diamond” shape.


2 ene 2022 15:21 GMT

The space agency described the event as a “critical milestone,” because the protector is one of the most critical and complex parts of the device.

The James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed its massive parachute deployment on Friday and has reached its final “diamond” shape. communication at NASA.

The space agency classified the event as “critical hit”, because the protector is one of the parts The most important and complex Webb, who must use it to pick up faint thermal signals from the early universe.

The process continued tow days, during which 107 membrane release devices associated with the parachute deployment were successfully launched, allowing the parachute to fully deploy like a kite in space.

“The set of sun visors includes 140 release mechanisms, about 70 assemblies of hinges, eight sawing motors, bearings, springs, gears, approximately 400 pulleys and 90 cables totaling 400 metres,” Hinge Engineer Krystal Puga participated in its development.

Over the next several days, the team will individually tighten each of the five layers of sunscreen, then tighten them to their final shape. “This will create a vacuum between the membranes to allow heat to radiate, making each successive layer of the canopy cooler than the one below,” the space agency explained.

The most powerful and most expensive telescope in history

The James Webb Space Telescope was Fired The Ariane 5 rocket was launched on December 25, a project led by NASA with the participation of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

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The device, considered the most powerful and most expensive in history, will allow astronomers to see space with new eyes and reach previously inaccessible corners of the universe. This is a hundred times stronger from its predecessor Hubble, which is about to turn 32 years in orbit.