December 3, 2021

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Are you a fan of "stickers"?  So you can create them from now on from WhatsApp Web

Are you a fan of “stickers”? So you can create them from now on from WhatsApp Web

was the first to emoji, then GIFs and now a file attachments. Since the use of instant messaging applications such as The WhatsAppThese three elements have become the perfect alternative to express ourselves without using a single word or keyboard. Although emojis will never be forgotten, in recent years stickers have been gaining more and more attention. emoji To become a very popular resource in our WhatsApp chats. For this reason, the platform decided to launch its own tool for creating our own designs from the same application.

As the company confirmed through a statement, WhatsApp has launched a new tool that allows users to create their own gadgets attachments Customized from the desktop app or from WhatsApp Web on PC or Mac. Therefore, the new tool will only be available on the PC or Mac version of WhatsApp or from the desktop. So if you want to create attachments On demand from your mobile phone, you must continue to do so through third parties.

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How can I create a sticker from WhatsApp Web?


WhatsApp has launched a creator of custom ‘stickers’ from desktop and web


to use the creator attachments It will be necessary to download the latest version of WhatsApp for web or desktop. Once installed, you will just have to access the chat where you want to share the sticker, click on Attach (the clip icon), then on Sticker and upload the image you want to customize. The format can be JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF or TIF.

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Once you select the image you want to make the sticker with, WhatsApp will allow you to tweak and edit it as you like. With the new tool, you can make an outline of the image, crop it, write with different types of typography, or add all kinds of elements such as emojias well as others attachments.

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The WhatsApp

File Creator attachments WhatsApp is here to stay, but even though the iOS and Android version has not yet appeared, we will have to settle for the web and desktop version. According to the statement from the platform, the new creator is already available and may start using it throughout the next week.