July 2, 2022

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Argentina and Bolivia defend respect for democracy in Peru - Escambrai

Argentina and Bolivia defend respect for democracy in Peru – Escambrai

They want to loot in the streets unless they win the elections. During his visit to Argentina, Ars said that democracy and the vote of the Peruvian people must be respected

Alberto Fernandez and Luis Ars denounced attempts to violate rights and order in Peru. (Photo: PL)

The presidents of Argentina and Bolivia, Alberto Fernandez and Luis Arce, respectively, expressed concern on Thursday about the situation in Peru and called for democracy to be respected in that country.

At a press conference after a meeting in Casa Rosada, the two leaders denounced the right’s attempts to violate rights and order in that country.

They want to loot in the streets unless they win the elections. We regret this fact. Arce said: We must respect democracy and the vote of the Peruvian people.

For his part, Fernandez noted that as the interim president of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean Nations, he is drawing the attention of the region and its leaders to what is happening in that nation.

They have tried to impeach President Pedro Castillo more than once and failed to get the necessary votes in Congress to do so. He pointed out that when they failed, they created a social climate that put institutions and democracy in crisis.

We are also concerned about the loss of human life. “We don’t want that to happen,” he added.

In recent days, far-right groups have caused damage to streets and official buildings in Lima.

Argentina and Bolivia agreed to strengthen cooperation

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Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and his Bolivian counterpart Luis Ars on Thursday called for strengthening Latin American unity and agreed to strengthen bilateral agreements in sectors such as energy.

After a meeting in Casa Rosada, the leaders issued a joint statement and co-signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Hydrocarbons of Bolivia and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of this country for the integration of evaporated resources. and lithium.

Fernandez and Ars told a press conference that Bolivia will continue to supply the natural gas Argentina needs for its development and assumes a commitment to give priority to this nation if its production can be increased.

The contract that was in effect is preserved and we celebrate having this guarantee. Bolivia is trying to restore gas production affected by underinvestment during the de facto government led by Jeanine Anez (2019-2020). “We look forward to this increase arriving as soon as possible,” the Argentine president said.

On the other hand, Fernandez expressed his wishes that the two countries and all of Latin America will continue to make progress in promoting integration, restoring democratic values ​​and development for the benefit of the poorest people.

While the government was usurped by self-proclaimed President Añez (after the coup against Evo Morales in 2019) we had no connection with Bolivia. We restored them with the arrival of Arce. He pointed out that we knew that the people had the right to elect their leaders and this could be achieved with the 2020 elections.

He added that the efforts of Bolivians to restore the institutional framework and the full validity of rights should serve as a guide for all.

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Likewise, he urged the region not to allow similar events to recur, and to work to restore unity and repair the damage caused by the administration of former US President Donald Trump.

He said that Latin America should rethink how to move forward because we live in the most unequal continent in the world and we cannot rest assured of that.

For his part, Arsi stressed that his country intends to continue progress and build the great nation.

When there are needs, we have to help each other as we are: sister peoples. We comply with Fernandez’s call for pacts and we want to go further. He noted that we intend to coordinate with Argentina and other countries agreements to commercialize lithium and other important aspects.

In addition, he thanked Argentina for welcoming Bolivian leaders who were persecuted after the coup.