May 22, 2022

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Arise Tales has sold over two million copies

Arise Tales has sold over two million copies

Arise Tales has sold over two million copies

Bandai Namco Entertainment Announces New sales data From the last video game in the series Tales. it’s about tales of resurrection، two million units Sold on the level my world In just seven months. To celebrate, the company shared a new souvenir photo.

The title in question is available for PlayStation 5And Playstation 4And Xbox series s Xbox One s PC. Regarding languages, this includes sounds in English and Japanese, as well as Spanish translation. On the other hand, those interested in trying it can do so thanks to experimental copy Posted on August 18, 2021.

tales of resurrection

to me combat system From this new batch of TalesAs in previous video games, features Action fight in real time. Title Keeps the basic battle system from the series Like (Linear motion battle system), so the fights wouldn’t be far from epic average. however, Yusuke Tomizawa He explained that although the essence had not changed much, new ideas were implemented to bring the battles to life. Next to, Motoi Sakuraba I come back to compose again Audio recording from this address. Considered an expert in the saga, Sakuraba has participated in many of the video games of the series, composing compositions and making arrangements for other existing games.

tales of resurrection It is the long-awaited new installment of the JRPG series Like to. It is the first video game in the saga to be developed for modern consoles and gives He jumps graphically and in his artistic style. It is presented as a video game with the extension a touch darker From its predecessors in the series, with the aim of differentiating them and summoning Western public interest. in this occasion, Minoru Iwamoto He returns as a character designer and art director after his work zestria tales s Barsria tales. In addition, the title is developed under the engine Unreal Engine 4.

The planet on which the protagonist lives is Dahna, and the planet floating in the sky above is Rina. Al-Dahna is a planet rich in nature, but it is equivalent to the Middle Ages in terms of culture. On the other hand, Rina relies on magical sciences and arts, having conquered the Dahna 300 years before the events of the Qiyam tales. With this overwhelming difference, Reina defeated and enslaved the inhabitants of Ad-Dahna. That went on for 300 years, right up until the days when the game’s story began.

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