November 28, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence: Why applications built in the cloud are the most valuable on the market

Artificial Intelligence: Why applications built in the cloud are the most valuable on the market

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Application Programming (Red Hat)

In the fast-paced world of technology, Applications Built in the cloud is giving rise to a new paradigm that redefines the way organizations dedicated to evolving and modernizing them operate.

Therefore, in order to provide high-quality products and services to customers, many IT companies invest more and more resources in application development through artificial intelligence Generative (artificial intelligence).

According to expectations Gartner And IDC, By 2025, 90% to 95% of new applications developed will be cloud native. The tremendous growth of artificial intelligence has reinforced this trend.

Red Hat services allow you to migrate older versions (pictogram information)

Moreover, A investigation TechTarget’s Business Strategy Group revealed that many organizations are turning to it Generative artificial intelligence To help development teams build or refactor applications.

“AI helps democratize the creation of applications, simplifying some processes. This allows developers to work more flexibly, thus focusing on other activities necessary for business growth,” said Thiago Araki, Director. big Red Hat Technology for Latin America.

For decades, legacy applications have been the core of business operations, containing critical processes and data. However, over time, these have become a source of productive inefficiency.

Red Hat services allow companies to modernize their entire infrastructure (Red Hat)

In fact, his investigation IBM Institute for Business Value It was revealed that 83% of executives consider application modernization essential to business strategies. Despite this consensus, the sheer complexity of this task has led many organizations to postpone it.

the Amnesty International Geneative allows organizations to utilize their resources more effectively, Automation And simplify parts of the modernization process. For example, when architectural practices are optimized, generative AI not only increases the efficiency and performance of modern applications, but also reduces the risk of failure.

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On the other hand, integration is of this type artificial intelligence In the process of modernizing applications, a virtuous cycle is created that drives speed and, ultimately, potential revenue growth, a need in a business world that requires doing more with less time.

Generative AI gives organizations better use of their resources (Red Hat)

“Whether you are creating new applications or updating existing applications, open source platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift “It enables a consistent experience across different architectures, from cloud to edge, and supports the most demanding workloads, including AI/ML,” explained Jorge Bairo, Red Hat Argentina Director in Argentina.

Red Hat OpenShiftis an IT tool that has recently achieved a leading position in the first place Gartner Magic Quadrant For container management. In addition, it received special mention in the report The Forrester Wave: Multi-Cloud Container Platforms, Q4 2023As a key tool to accelerate the development and delivery of modern applications in the enterprise world.

And so the platform Red Hat OpenShiftalong with its comprehensive ecosystem of certified partners, provides the ideal foundation for the development of applications designed for the cloud, which include the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) so that developers can get a more complete understanding of the software they are working with.

In this way, like solutions Red Hat OpenShift Artificial Intelligence And Red Hat OpenShift Data Sciences It allows organizations to work to generate greater added value to their production of goods and services.