July 14, 2024

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Vive Latino 2024: How will the list of artists who will perform at the festival be revealed?

Vive Latino 2024: How will the list of artists who will perform at the festival be revealed?

Vive Latino will be on March 16-17, 2024. Source: (Instagram/@vivelatino)

Some festivals in Mexico City (CDMX) Put their tickets on sale before announcing the list of bands and singers who will perform; However, everything seems to indicate that Live Latino 2024 The lineup will be revealed before tickets become available.

To do this, the festival organizers started an evidence hunting drive in different parts of the city. Through Instagram live latinoSome locations have been revealed that house alien characters very similar to those in the video game Galaga Or ghosts Pac-Man.

These beautiful figures were called “idols”, and the location of the color was red sports palace, While the color was yellow in the mall Via Vallejo Park. The other two were in Reform 222 And in Perisor. In the same way, Oqisa She announced that the full list of artists for Vive Latino 2024 will be announced through a playlist.

This tracklist will be named Live Latino 2024 It will be available in the app Amazon MusicIt will likely be published with each festival’s poster, but the playlist will have a different way of identifying the names of all singers and bands.

There is still no specific date to announce this. PlaylistPotential attendees should monitor the festival’s social media networks and, in the meantime, go to the locations revealed on Instagram in case any details other than what can be seen digitally are revealed.

Although the evidence-seeking dynamic seemed attractive to many people, some users commented negatively on it, as they preferred to simply post the poster image without generating expectations. These were the messages that could be read among the Instagram comments:

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“Whoa, I’m between buying tickets or engagement rings”, “Get the poster out now”, “Will Amazon be the lead?” Then there has to be a better budget to bring in teams that are equal or stupider than there was in Pa’l Norte’, ‘Now shoot the flyer’ and ‘What a nice dynamic but I don’t think it’s about the physical appearance’.

When the festival announced its official dates, he took some screenshots of these types of comments and created a group to use them with humor, because year after year there are always people complaining about the artists included and the organization of Vive Latin.

On the other hand, there are many expectations and requests to be included in the poster, including the following system of a down And even for Mano chowand it has been talked about as well BellanovaBut for now it is just speculation.

The only thing that is certain so far is that the festival will take place Saturday 16th And the Sunday 17th March 2024.

he Ibero-American Festival of Music Culture Vive Latino Its first edition was in 1998, and for 25 years, it was only suspended in 1999, 2002 and 2021 – due to the coronavirus pandemic – and for this reason it has become a tradition for fans of rock, ska and other genres.

Since its inception, this has been the only festival with Foro Sol as its main stage, but there are some rumors that it could be moved to the fourth edition of the year. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez -as EDC, Corona Capital also Coca Cola Flow Festival—Given the alleged redesign of the venue, it is important to note that there is still no information regarding this apparent change of location.

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In 2023, they were among the artists who performed at Vive Latino: La MODA, Coque Malla, Los Mirlos, Yorka, Vivir Quintana, Real Catorce and QBO at VL Carp.