November 30, 2023

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“The bad part about music is that they try to create a personality for you” |  Keep the real records

“The bad part about music is that they try to create a personality for you” | Keep the real records

Belén Aguilera (Barcelona, ​​29) It was a decade ago The Girl And The Piano, a young woman who uploads versions of other artists on social networks accompanied by the instrument she learned to play by ear, this, she says, allows her to protect her vulnerability. Two years later, he was invited to participate in the competition. the sound, Although she defends that television was not what propelled her to fame. “It is me and my thoughts that open the way for me,” he assured Joe Perez-Oriv, a former juror Operation Victory (OT)It is a program that he tried to enter in 2017 to no avail, so he chose another path away from music competitions. He released his first album in 2020, You see, I wasn’t always me, But it was in 2022 when she rose to fame thanks to thousands of TikTok videos recorded by users with her song. rival. Many of his followers identify with his lyrics, as he openly reflects on mental health. “It’s a theme that comes up more and more in my creations. “When I started talking about it, there was less representation and I’m proud that it’s my music label,” she admits in the video for Ballantine’s Stay True Records, a project that comes out every week and which next Thursday will feature the Alaskan singers And Startle Girl.

With his previous album SuperpopAguilera was on tour for 10 months until last March; But he will return to the stage next November to present his show People’s Army Metanoia In Madrid and Barcelona. “First dates are run out“, he declares. “In concerts, I evolve, I like to add elements of surprise,” he told Pérez-Orev before his meeting with Aida Tario, singer of the band Tanxogeras. The Galician Tario and the Catalan Aguilera reflect folklore and belonging. “I feel as much from Barcelona as I do From Madrid. Barcelona stability, Madrid learning, creativity and discovering things. “I need both cities equally,” he admits.

Great moments for Interview with Belén Aguilera

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His time on The Voice in 2016 was anything but special for him. At this moment in the video, he recalls his experience.

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“The bad part about music is that they try to make you a character, and I wasn’t comfortable with the character they gave me.”


She’s glad she didn’t compete in the OT competition in 2017: “I know it would have destroyed me.”


His favorite anecdote is with a fan on a zebra crossing (early in his career).


She has a special relationship with Lola Índigo and they collaborated on the production of the song “La tirita” together.

MADRID, SPAIN – SEPTEMBER 22: Lola Indigo performs on stage during the Spotify Equal Fest concert at WiZink Center on September 22, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Aldara Zarawa/Getty Images)


“Social media sets you apart from other artists,” Belén Aguilera works with them.


“I have imposter syndrome. “I learned to play the piano myself, and I don’t know how to read it.”


Aida Tarrio, singer of Tanxuguiras, arrives to create a Galician-Catalan fusion.


One of the most epic moments of her life: when she opened for Alicia Keys. She was impressed by how he prepared for concerts.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 29: Alicia Keys performs at the pre-tape of the 90th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center on November 29, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)


Although he does not define himself as a fan of Catalan music, he does not hesitate to choose his favorite artist from there.


She sees herself reflected in Giulietta, the budding singer: “She’s the most like me I’ve ever seen, we have uncanny similarities.”

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