December 9, 2023

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David Fincher’s new film has just arrived on Netflix and it’s one of the most sinister and idiosyncratic thrillers of the year.

David Fincher’s new film has just arrived on Netflix and it’s one of the most sinister and idiosyncratic thrillers of the year.

With The Killer, Fincher gives us one of his best films since Zodiac.

With Mank, David Fincher seemed to have shifted his career towards a more emotional and conventional drama than most of his films. Thus, his previous projects for Netflix, the historical “House of Cards” and the wonderful (and sadly discontinued) “Mindhunter”, were left behind. but with “the killer‘, which Arrives exclusively on the platform After only a short run in theaters, it seems the Fincher film we’ve been missing is back, a cerebral sports thriller infused with a twisted sense of humour.

In this case, we have one of his characters immersed in a dense inner world for whom reality is a puzzle that must constantly be solved. It’s about A hitman played by the wonderful Michael Fassbender (Who understands that in Fincher’s vision there is not only severity, but also some hidden parody) and who, after a failed mission, embarks on a path of devastating revenge.


In The Killer, Fincher reunites with Andrew Kevin Walker, screenwriter of his first huge hit, Seven. Doctor scenario (The Game and Fight Club), and he does so through a film that oozes the director’s style on all four sides. Especially in the theatrical presentation, as precise as the habits displayed by the killer in the first and exciting part of the film. But also in the stimulating habit of not giving everything to the viewer (“The Killer” gives countless details about the plot and characters beneath the main plot, but does not explain any of them), or in the amazing cliffhanger that concludes the story.

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And all of this is punctuated by Fincher’s usual visual brilliance, which allows himself to let loose with intense but relaxed narrative One of the best hand-to-hand combat filmed all year, which makes those unsalted bread that is the action sequences in Marvel movies pale with envy. Filled with unforgettable shots and stunning visual ideas, “The Assassin” is not cinema for all audiences, but it is a film not usually seen in platform-exclusive productions.

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