May 27, 2022

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ASUS ROG Strix SQ7: ASUS prepara su primera SSD NVMe

ASUS brings the first NVMe SSD

ASUS For a long time , A company whose image is closely linked to the gaming world with families ROG and TUF as its main exponent. Thus, it is not surprising to know, from time to time, that the company plans to expand its product catalog not only with new devices from the families of products that already exist, but also with the leap to other markets that until then have not yet been explored.

And that’s what will happen soon, as we can conclude from the image that the same company published on the ASUS ROG Taiwan page. in Facebook image (via Video CardsThis shows us the future ASUS ROG Strix SQ7 NVMe SSD, NVMe SSD, along with the text “Coming soon!!” at its bottom. Given that Computex is only about three weeks away, and ASUS itself announced a “Boundless” event on May 17, we can expect the ASUS ROG Strix SQ7 to be revealed within weeks. weeks.

The text accompanying the image does not reveal additional information, but we can read, in the same unit, that we are talking about 1 TB NVMe SSD, M.2 2280 form factorToday’s standard, standard-compatible format PCIe Gen 4×4. The emergence of ASUS in this sense might have been expected to come with the PCIE Gen 5 unit, with an emphasis on performance, but personally it seems logical to start with today’s latest generation, and retain the highest performance range for a second or even third edition.

With this new version, ASUS is getting closer to the goal of major component manufacturers, and is also assembling its own systems: You have a catalog that allows a complete assembly of a computer based only on its components. In that regard, with the launch of NVMe SSDs, ASUS will be left with only one plug-in, its RAM, to achieve that goal.

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Whatever the case, the NVMe SSD has, in just a few years, gone from being a luxury component to being affordable to almost all pockets. As someone who has already seen the jump from hard drives to the first solid state drives, I’m clear on this This evolutionary leap has nothing to envy.