July 2, 2022

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ASUS motherboard with dual chipset discovered

ASUS motherboard with dual chipset discovered

a plan Asus Prime X670-P WiFi Will confirm that the motherboards X670 They will have two identical chips. base plates AMD 600 . series Coming very soon, with AM5 socket and processor compatibility Ryzen 7000 next generation.

AMD X670: motherboards will have two chips

Rumors about dual chipsets of X670 Seems to be true, with some purported motherboard schematic illustrations revealed Asus Prime X670-P WiFiclearly showing two identical slides.

Anonymous user of Baidu (via HXL) Post the photo to the social media platform. Assuming the image is legitimate, it lends credence to speculation that the slides X670 from amd It benefits from two tranches.


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This particular motherboard appears to use a PCIe switch to connect two chipsets directly to the CPU. However, this may depend on the model of each motherboard.

It seems only slides X670 from amd will be added in double chips, while the B650 I will only use one of them. As usual, the B560 chipset will have fewer PCIe lanes, fewer ports, less I/O, etc.

Upcoming processors Ryzen 7000 from amd It will be compatible with DDR5 memory and communication interface PCIe 5.0 And many other innovations. At the moment, we know that AMD will announce motherboards X670, X670E, B650.

We’ll have to wait for Computex to verify this information, as AMD will introduce the AMD 600 chipset, and manufacturers will announce their motherboards.