July 1, 2022

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There is a cat caught up in the change in Biden's policy towards Cuba and Venezuela

There is a cat caught up in the change in Biden’s policy towards Cuba and Venezuela

What is happening is very strange. According to the American adage, one does not change his horse in the middle of the river.

According to the analysis Politician A gateway closer to Democrats than to Republicans The recent announcement of a change in strategy by Joe Biden in his perception of Cuba And Venezuela, means that the upcoming elections in Florida are lost. Haggling with these two dictatorships means leaving the way open for Republicans, as Federalist Senator Bob Menendez and Senator Annette Tadeo, both Democrats, have complained.

Here is a caged cat. Politicians – and Biden is the core of “politicians” – or the president knows something we have no idea about, perhaps because Juan S. Gonzalez, the person who directs the foreign policy of the White House in that region of the world, is going through a period of dangerous gullibility, unbecoming of a 79-year-old man who has seen the guts of a tyrannical beast.

Cuba and Venezuela know that they have to go in the direction of democratic change, but there is not the slightest offer in this sense. Cuba has just approved a penal code infinitely more restrictive than the existing one, increasing the “reasons” the state can shoot you for, while keeping hundreds of protesters in jail who went out for a peaceful protest on July 11, to the beat of the excellent song Patria I Vida.

Spain is the model, although each one has to do it in their own way. Neither Miguel Diaz-Canel nor Nicol├ís Maduro thought about it much. It all starts with a general amnesty. They talk to the opposition parties discreetly. An electoral calendar was drawn up and the illusion of socialism was buried. Really, that doesn’t work. It never was and never will be. If you want to cover the change with a referendum, it is implemented. Society is crazy for getting rid of those chains.

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How many people do not want change? In Spain, which was an organized country, unlike Cuba and Venezuela, they played at 15% or 20%, despite the fact that in 1975, the year Franco died, they had less than 80% of the countries’ GDP. from the European Economic Community. In the end, only less than 10% voted or opposed the change. If they dare, these numbers will be confirmed.

Do they dare? I do not think so. The terms of change have been provided, but I don’t think so. There is a conviction of fiasco. There has been a generational change, because the original leaders are already dead – Raul Castro and Ramiro Valdes are two rings – and those who followed are supporters of the change. And if they are not, in some cases, their wives and children want to change fate and not remain bound by the ghostly mandate of the slain leaders, nor by the emotional blackmail of “what Fidel Castro would have done.” Nobody knows what he was going to do, and best of all, almost nobody cares.

What does it mean to support China or Russia? very little. The only handle is anti-yankees. Neither one nor the other is Marxist. Both systems abandoned collectivism and cling to private property, although they continued to praise Mao in China. They gave him and his party real “talk”, and they hid all their madness. That is why Fidel put forward the Chinese example, but, as far as I know, died disappointed in both China and Russia, and did not forgive Putin for his first gesture of independence, when he began to rule alone, without shadows. Boris Yeltsin, to close the base of Lorde, without prior explanations.

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Why don’t they abandon economic collectivism, the one party, and do genuine democratic reforms? Really, it’s cheese. That’s why and because they’re so comfortable with no movement.

I think in 18 months he’s going to meet Joe Biden and Juan S. Gonzalez once again to examine the consequences of the change in strategy. It’s time to count. Nothing will happen. They will remain paralyzed. There will of course be more penalties. More hostility. And start over.