July 2, 2022

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Rugby friendship between Spain and New Zealand hits 40,000 at Metropolitano |  Sports

Rugby friendship between Spain and New Zealand hits 40,000 at Metropolitano | Sports

Three years after hosting the Champions League final, Wanda Metropolitano has met another planetary milestone this Saturday: a ‘hockey’. The selection of New Zealand legends, the Classic All Blacks, Ojiblatica did this against Spain, with some lions injured without their first World Cup in 24 years due to improper alignment by South Africa’s Gavin van den Berg. This is the window that Spanish rugby loved, the biggest potential in its history: nearly 40,000 spectators. Its captain, Fernando Lopez, summarizes:It should have been a complete celebration; Now we want justice to be done, Show world rugby that we deserve to be here, players should not be blamed ”. Passed the friendly script: Rugby has so much foothold in New Zealand, a team of forty (26-33) defeats a complete team enough to play in the World Cup.

World Rugby’s approval, with victories against Romania and Portugal, is a blow to a team that qualifies on the pitch, both of which benefit from used point deductions. They called for the resignation of Alfonso Fijo, president of the Spanish Rugby Federation, which was announced a few hours later to “clean up” the administration of national rugby. “It’s a big disappointment, we do not know what to do. We’re not ready to digest it; an athlete is getting ready to lose a match, not for something like that.”

Once the blow is integrated, the locker room will not drop. “We’m going to try to fight it in the offices.” His trick is that permission is unequal; Van Den Berg played a few minutes in two games, with Spain winning by over 40 points. “At first people thought we were cheating, but it was a scam. There is an abyss from one to another. We are not cheaters.

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The appellant could not argue with the proven fact – the player was out of the country for more than 60 days in the year of selection and three people forged his passport to cover it up – rather than the clearance ratio. “We have to reach an agreement with the federation to be heroes in the appeal. We want to show who is guilty; Here we are being punished, those who do nothing.

Spain’s disappearance into the big spheres of rugby is world news after permission. Part of the war of the soldiers is to clean up that image. “People in other countries feel a little bit that we are victims. They did great harm not only to the players, but also to the fans who went to the Lions game with their families on the weekend. ” The fight against All Blacks players is an international cleanup.

Almost a month has passed and there is no relationship with Van den Berg. “It has disappeared from the map, it has been destroyed. Some boys have called him, but he has not responded. Despite the rugby decision, the captain did not lose faith.

South Africa was one of the many foreign players to make the national team, such as Lopez from Argentina. “This is done on all teams in the world; All blacks include Tongans, Samoans and Australians. Every one who wears the Lyon shirt does so one hundred percent out of love for the national team, and that’s what we are trying to convey: we are playing for a country and taking it to the top. The captain defends incorrectly. “This is something very ordinary, in Spain, a country that falls in love with”. But he asks for the future, “work more on the hotbed” and “do not rely too much on this”.

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Despite that feeling between grief and justification, the privilege of facing the most famous shirt in world rugby is no small feat. “In the end they are our idols. It’s like a movie, playing against champions. The chance to be at the forefront of ‘Haqqa’ is incredible. Former All-Blacks captain Dana Umaga led the Legends team with world champions such as Conrad Smith or Jerome Kino. The famed list of 19 players includes the likes of Corey Flynn, Nathan Harris, Jarrod Hoyota, Nick Crosswell, San Dudobo and Luke McAllister.

Precisely McAllister received a memorable tackle from Alvaro Cimeno, who thwarted one of Spain’s four attempts at half-time (5-19). And talent. Because of the gray hair, Stephen Donald did not confuse his bifole when kicking. The end was not a bar, the public went with the waves New Zealand rehearsals. This is a kind of welcome to Mr. Marshall of Rugby. The team finally pressed in with three trials in a row, but was unable to complete the comeback.

XV Del Lyon lived a very emotional night with the farewell atmosphere. “If there is no World Cup, a new project has to come, which is a very sensible thing to do. Still need to start anew for another four to five years. There are players who do not come due to age; They can cooperate a little bit in the cycle, but this is the pattern of the new generation.

Lopez continues to fight: “This is not an end in itself. You have to move everything forward. If not included We should be in the next World Cup anyway”. With Spain also sidelined for improper alignment in 2018, it is unclear whether Spanish rugby will be able to recover from the two qualifying rounds with a dramatic result. “You don’t have to pay for all rugby. Get rid of clutter you don’t need and start anew. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

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