May 18, 2024

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"No son pueblos originarios reclamando tierra", cuestionó uno de los senadores sobre la RAM.-

At the hearing, Senators asked Bielsa for an explanation of his attendance at Jones Huala

In the midst of senators’ debate over the extension Regional Emergency Law, The Mapuche conflict In the Patagonian mountain range, it took center stage.

At the beginning of the session, Salta Juan Carlos Romero, Peronist federation, proposed deviation of regulations for Analysis of the “inexplicable situation” Argentine Ambassador to Chile, Rafael Bielsa, When appearing before justice across the Andes for the convicts Facundo Jones Huala.

In his speech, he explained, “the very interpretation of what exists Consular assistance does not justify presence ambassador” in that region.

Romero also noted, “We know that in the diplomatic world Having an ambassador is very important. I don’t think it was with his consent… Someone told him that this matter was important.”

then wondered If the state of Argentina “knows who finances and supports these groups.”He concluded by saying, “They are not indigenous peoples claiming the land; They demand the destruction of Argentina and the Argentine state. call huinca those who were not like them.”

Later, the radical senator Pablo Daniel Blanco He resumed the matter with a request to withdraw from the list to request the appearance of the Minister of Security. Anibal FernandezIn order to give explanations about the conflict in the south.

It is noteworthy that the national government Do not pay attention to the problem Of the RAM claim,” noted Fujian, who also added Ambassador Bielsa’s position in defending “a person who denies the Argentine state and its powers, yet the ambassador participates in the hearing where his parole is being sought.”

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