December 4, 2021

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Athletics: Rodrigue Quizera and Tanui Girotto take laurels at the Cross of Athleca

Athletics: Rodrigue Quizera and Tanui Girotto take laurels at the Cross of Athleca


21/11/2021 –

Rodrigue Quizera has extended his exciting cross-season season at Atlética. The Burundians achieved the prognosis well and were victorious in the Seville Test, ahead of Tadesse Worko. Thus, Quizzera achieved several successive victories, in the cross of Grau de Castellin, Soria, San Sebastian and Etlica, In addition to the second place in Atapuerca.

It was a fun race, as the Spaniards, with Carlos Mayo and O’Celvin, above all, tried to cheer the race head on from the start. They always, along with the lambdasms, remained in the starting positions, until the change of pace of many African runners, Including Kwizera, he ruined a potential national win.

With Burunds, Worku, Melak, Kifle and Ayeko up front, the test decision fell on the one who showed the best form of cross-country season: Kwizera. For him it was a victory, with my hip and angel on the podium. Carlos Mayo was the first Spaniard, sixth, ahead of Ochlevin, seventh.

This cross was also the Spanish Club Championship in the major. The victory went to Playas de Castellín, ahead of Atltismo Bikila and Atltismo Numantino.

Jiroto’s victory in the enemy

In the women’s category, Kenyan sprinter from Kazakhstan, Nora Tanui Jiruto, excelled in the race after outpacing Margaret Chelimo in a sprint, after a 7900-meter course.

Both athletes dynamite the race in the final stage and went on to win, leaving behind Chebet -sub-20 world 5,000m champion – and Ethiopian Senbere Teferi, who had been the leading quartet up until that point.

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In that final duel, Jirotto was even stronger, pushing himself in the last meters and preventing Chelimo from reasserting victory. The Kenyan youth completed the podium while The first Spaniard was Carolina Robles, who took 13th place.

As for the Spanish Cross Country Club Championship, the Barcelona team led by Carolina Robles specifically won.