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How do you take care of the skin of the feet?  |  Health |  magazine

How do you take care of the skin of the feet? | Health | magazine

The health of the feet directly affects our movement, so it is important to keep them in good shape.

The pancakes They are a part of the body that we certainly don’t pay attention to. Perhaps because it’s stored in our shoes most of the time or because it’s not as exposed as the hands and face, which are areas of the body we try to take better care of.

The foot skinUnlike the rest of the body, especially in plants, it is thick, as it supports the weight of the body mass. This greater thickness relieves constant friction when walking.

For this reason it is subject to continuous shock, especially if we don’t use the right shoes or don’t have enough footprint, which produces the fabric in the areas of greatest stress, he explains Dermatologist Marcella Ricourt. In addition, it does not contain sebaceous glands, so the hydrolipidic membrane is less rich in lipid components and does not adequately protect this area, explains Lier Azcona, a Basque pharmacist.

wet every night

So, being the skin that has the most work, to put it one way, you have to do it Moisten it constantly.

Before applying creams or ointments, be sure to clean your feet well with soap and water. Photo: the universe

In this regard, the corneal products (which remove excess scales or dead skin, such as calluses); These are creams that contain urea in different proportions, which we choose according to the thickness of the skin, as in cases of disguise. Hyperkeratosis is a diagnosis of severe thickening of the skin, which not only leads to the appearance of corns, but also leads to chronic inflammation, eczema or genetic disorders, such as ichthyosis.

“Even if we had no change or screws, Every night we must moisturize the feet; The ideal way is to use a moisturizer with urea, you can also use Vaseline-type products, ”says the specialist. In general, there are many repair creams, with some ingredients that the skin lacks, such as ceramides, a natural moisturizing factor, and hyaluronic acid.

The important thing is that these creams are ointments and ointments, Ricourt says.


between the Basic foot care, The Make-up artist Martha Romero Always remember to cleanse before moisturizing, just as we do the rest of the body. Feet must be clean Before using any cosmetic product and even before putting it to bed.

Pedicures should be carried out with an interval of 15-21 days, not less. Photo: the universe

wash with soap and water The entire surface and dry it well between fingers to avoid infection mushroom. Romero also suggests Peel once a week, if you like; And if you have severe dehydration, wear soft socks when sleeping. also use Mind per day to avoid stains if you wear sandals or other open shoes.

regarding pedicureThis should be done with a difference of 15 to 21 days, at least, says the cosmetologist. Nail trimming shouldn’t be invasive, just cut what sticks out to avoid nails.

To say about Ricaurte, to Cut nails Round in shape, the side edges enter, the nail bands that connect them to the skin are removed. “When it is cut, the nail loses its orientation, and at that moment it begins to grow crooked and becomes embedded in the skin. This is why it should always be cut square and straight.

Dermatologist recommend Do not use sharp tools To clean under the nails, because it separates them from the skin, and these spaces help the growth of fungi. While it is true that these are meant to remove dirt, Ricaurte explains that the right thing to do is to use a soft-bristled brush; Tools only generate more shocks.

finally, Avoid keeping cornThis procedure only tells the skin that it should grow more there, it is better to try to get rid of it with creams, because they manage to completely smooth it out.

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