June 28, 2022

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Atletico Madrid: Simeone: "Words are free. I always respect my teammates"

Atletico Madrid: Simeone: “Words are free. I always respect my teammates”

Drgo pee Simeone He attended the media before the confrontation that will measure his team against Manchester City. The Argentine coach did not want to go into too much detail when talking about the UEFA penalty and once again praised the opponent.

UEFA penalty

“You can get a better opinion of this kind of thing. What we want is for our people to be present. And we hope it gets resolved so that it’s the same for everyone.”

Opinions about Atltico

“I always say the same thing, I’ve been training since 2005, and I’ve never had such contempt for my teammates. I put myself in the shoes of the coaches I compete with and realize that there are different ways of expressing what it feels like as a coach, when one is despised, I don’t share it, other opinions, the press , and the players who do not play … I say what my father used to say: “The fish dies through the mouth.”


“We are facing a team that is playing very well. It is a very good positional game, but we have hope. It is clear that hope alone is not enough, but we will try to take the game where we can hurt them. Words do not say much, what is important is what happens after nine at night.” .

Atlantis approach

“Obviously we won’t stray too far from what we think. Hopefully we can make better transfers, and our top players have a great night…”

city ​​style

“I don’t think they will change much. They have a well-known style of play, with great players, a great coach and a very praiseworthy style. We’ll see what we see whenever we turn on the TV to watch City”

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Throwing things at Old Trafford

“I remember I ran out like I always do and luckily nothing hit me”

A different standard than UEFA

“No, not in the expulsions. And in the other it could be”

Carrasco can play with Lodi

“Yeah, it could be. Carrasco is so excited and so anxious… We need Carrasco that’s crucial for us”

City – Liverpool

“We always have the same respect for all the opponents. We always take care of watching the big matches and more if it is a preview of our game. Great match with a lot of talent from the two teams, both of them should have dropped the comeback due to the attack suggested by the opposing team. Two teams playing very well” .