May 27, 2022

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Endwalker receives update 6.1 with a new chapter and more features for a single experience

Endwalker receives update 6.1 with a new chapter and more features for a single experience

In the road map from Final Fantasy XIV With all the content for this year, it has been indicated that one of the first novelties that the game will receive will be update 6.1. At that time it was pointed out that thanks to him Solo gaming experiences will be improved And this is something anyone will be able to discover starting today, because it already exists This new update is available.

Basim Newfound adventureThe new patch enables the ability to complete The Realm Reborn’s Dungeons and Trials that can now be supplemented with non-playable characters thanks to the Trust system. But an additional new dungeon and raid, Myths of the Realm, where up to 24 players can join in to complete it, has also been added.

Another new feature of this patch is that Expands the expansion story a bit more Endwalker, which leaves us with a new chapter for Warrior of Light. In addition, another function associated with it is the ability to change its poses, movements, backgrounds and other details to create an image of our character.

Patch 6.1 also comes with a new character and glossary, a new + game mode in the quests already completed in the current expansion, new content for the PvP mode, and of course there will be no shortage of new pieces of gear to unlock. Either – trade alterations and even new hairstyles for Hrothgar.

Looking at the coming weeks, Square Enix is ​​already up and running Other add-ons that will be incorporated in future updates From this current patch. This will leave us with more side and clan missions, a system for navigating between data centers, and more surprises to be revealed as they arrive.

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