May 22, 2022

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Cubans protest in Latin America

Cubans protest in Latin America

The Embassy of Panama in Cuba has published a new list of approved transit visas, just a few hours before people are required to stamp their Cuban passport.

This was the last message from the diplomatic headquarters, published on Monday evening:

transit visa

Approved – April 11, 2022

List of people whose result was received on April 11, 2022

Persons appearing on the list, by first name and passport, must head to the Consulate as of April 12 at 9:00 am with their passport for transit visa stamping. People who are not on the waiting list should post future lists.

Once again, affected travelers were outraged by the embassy’s letter.

at An open letter shared on social networks and many times on the institutional page of the Embassy of PanamaCubans residing abroad demand their right to “repatriate”.

“The Cuban community residing in Latin American countries Or that we have a visa for family reunification (Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, among other countries) asking to reassess the transit visa requirements for these people,” they point out.

“Many of the signatories here have already rescheduled our flights in March in compliance with what was indicated by the State of Panama; however, we had to miss our flights, as we did not get the transit visa within the stipulated time,” they add.

Similarly, they denounced that “Airline Cuba imposes heavy penalties for rescheduling flights again.”

However, at the moment, there does not appear to be any change. Immigration Panama made it clear that the only exceptions to a transit visa are for Cuban citizens who return to the island.

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Other Cuban travelers stated that “writing on the networks will not solve the problem, it will ask someone to confront the embassy and not leave the embassy, ​​we are all affected, we have to leave but all of us.”

Since the end of March, hundreds of people have gathered in front of the Panamanian diplomatic headquarters without receiving any response.