Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Atletico Nacional beat Jaguares and dreams of the Group of Eight

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Atletico Nacional defeated Jaguares 2-0 at the Atanasio Gerardo Stadiumin a commitment that had been postponed to the eighth day of the Colombian League 2024-I.

Verdolaja's team suffered more than necessary in a match in which goalkeeper Giovanni Panguera was knocked outWhich kept zero in its goal until the 20th minute of the second half.

The goalkeeper was the hero of the story by saving many balls that saved his team from losing early.. Panguera drowned out the goal cry of Eder Ocampo and Emilio Aristizabal.

In the supplementary period, the first goal of the match came from Alvaro Angulo In the final minutes, Oscar Perea seemed to have achieved the victory with a shot into the area with his left foot.

Perea ended up getting a red card for a strong tackle He took out one of the Jaguares players and kicked him with nails in front of him in the ankle area.

With this victory, Atletico Nacional continued its rise in the championship standings and now ranks tenth From the general table with 16 units.

Verdolaga's next match will be a visit to Envigado At Polideportivo Sur Stadium, in the 14th round of the home and away stage.

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