June 28, 2022

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++ Attacks Russia: tonight will be more difficult than today ″, according to Volodymyr Zelensky ++ |  world |  Dr..

++ Attacks Russia: tonight will be more difficult than today ″, according to Volodymyr Zelensky ++ | world | Dr..

All information is Central European Time (CET).

01:44 | UN appoints crisis coordinator for Ukraine

The United Nations announced, on Friday (25/2/2022), the appointment of the Sudanese Amin Awad as the crisis coordinator in Ukraine with the aim of strengthening its humanitarian response to the war.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made it clear to reporters that Awad will be responsible for leading the coordination of all UN efforts in Ukraine. “Today in Ukraine, despite increasing operational challenges, the United Nations is intensifying the provision of vital support, including to the eastern part of the country, on both sides of the line of communication,” Guterres said. -Ali

01:21 | UN chief calls on Russian soldiers to ‘return to barracks’

UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Friday (2/25/2022) requested that soldiers “return to their barracks” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, at the end of a Security Council meeting where Russia vetoed the adoption of the ruling.

“Today, the goal has not been achieved,” said Guterres, the official admitting, but we must give “peace another chance.” -AVB

01:20 | A Panamanian-flagged ship was hit by a missile in Ukraine

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), which has issued a warning to the 30 ships flying its flag, reported in the waters of Ukraine and Russia.

The Naval Authority of Panama, a country with the world’s largest merchant fleet with a registry of 8,653 flag ships, has issued a notice asking its fleet to maintain the utmost vigilance when navigating in Ukrainian and Russian waters, in the Black and Azov seas. -Ali

00:57 | Human Rights Watch condemns cluster bomb killing of 4 people in Ukraine hospital

Human Rights Watch on Friday (25/02/2022) denounced a cluster bomb attack on a hospital in the Ukrainian town of Vohlidar, in the pro-independence Donetsk region, which left four civilians dead and 10 others dead. Six of them were injured from the health services.

Human Rights Watch said it confirmed the information through telephone interviews with a hospital doctor and a representative of the center, Central City Hospital, as well as photos of two of the deceased. The organization also stated that other footage posted on social media or sent to the hospital shows remnants of one of the weapons that appear to have been used in the attack, a ballistic missile. Tochka 9M79 Cluster warhead 9N123. -Ali

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00:49 | Australia imposes sanctions on oligarchs, Russian parliamentarians, prepares for action against Putin

On Saturday (02.26.2022) Australia tightened its sanctions against Russia, targeting the oligarchs and members of parliament, and its government indicated that it was preparing measures to directly punish President Vladimir Putin as his allies did.

Secretary of State Maris Payne announced to the press the imposition of financial sanctions on eight members of the oligarchs close to Putin and 339 members of Parliament who facilitated the invasion of Ukraine. -AVB

00:27 | manufacturers of Volkswagen Production stopped due to shortage in Ukraine

the group Volkswagen A spokesman for the company, quoting a company spokesperson, quoted a company spokesperson on Friday (02/25/2022), that it would cut off the activity of German manufacturers for a few days in early March due to a shortage of supply from Ukrainian suppliers as a result of the Russian invasion. German media.

Production will stop from March 1-4 in Zwickau and March 2-4 in Dresden. Its employees will be partially unemployed, according to that spokeswoman who mentioned, for example, the lack of some cables. -AVB

00:25 | Hungary offers to host negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Hungary offered Friday night to host peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in Budapest, after a two-day invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Foreign Minister Peter Zygaro said he had contacted his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, and Andrei Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration. “I have proposed that the discussions take place in Budapest, a safe place” to the delegates, he said in a video posted on his website. Facebook.

00:20 | Zelensky: Tonight is going to be tough, we can’t lose Kiev

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured that the night would be difficult, predicting that Russia would try to attack Kiev, because of which the army demanded not to lose control of the capital.

“I can say absolutely frankly: tonight will be more difficult than today. Many cities of our state are under attack: Chernigov, Sumy, Kharkov, Donbass, in the south. Particular attention to Kiev: they cannot lose the capital,” he said in a new letter to the nation published by his office in cable. “Tonight, on all fronts, the enemy will use all available forces to break our resistance: vile, cruel and inhuman. Tonight they will storm,” he said. -Ali

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00:19 | Wall Street rebound continues with the help of good indicators

The New York Stock Exchange ended Friday with a second straight rise, due to a technical recovery, as well as good macroeconomic indicators, although Ukraine is still in the crosshairs.

The Dow Jones The Technology Index rose 2.51% to 34,058.75 Nasdaq The index rose 1.64% at 13,694.62 and the index expanded Standard & Poor’s 500 It also rose by 2.24% to 4,384.65, according to preliminary results. Indexes have fallen in recent weeks amid fears that Moscow could attack Ukraine amid threats to send troops into the neighboring country, but markets were better than expected when Russia invaded, in part because the sanctions announced by the West were not severe. -AVB

00:15 | Ukrainians march in Argentina to demand withdrawal of Russian forces

About 2,000 members of Argentina’s large Ukrainian community demonstrated Friday in Buenos Aires chanting “Killer Putin” to demand the Russian leader’s “cease-fire and unconditional withdrawal of forces that invaded our country”.

Leaders of the Central Representation of Ukraine in Argentina (RCUA), where nearly 500,000 members of Ukraine reside, said in a petition that they failed to hand it over to the Russian Embassy..that community by entity. -AVB

00:08 | Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria close their airspace to Russian aircraft

Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria announced on Friday the closure of their airspace to Russian airlines following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The closure will start from midnight,” Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller said in a statement. Twitter. “As of midnight today we are stopping the traffic of all Russian airlines in Czech airspace,” said Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka. Twitter. -AVB

00:04 | Fitch reduces Ukraine’s debt to CCC from “B” after the invasion

risk assessor Fitch Today, Friday, the Ukrainian government reduced the debt of the Ukrainian government to “CCC” from “B” after the Russian invasion of the country, which generates a “severe negative shock”.

“The Russian military invasion has increased risks to Ukraine’s public and external finances, macro-financial and political stability,” Fitch said, noting “significant uncertainty” about the duration of the conflict.

Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24 that has killed dozens so far, forced more than 50,000 to flee, and raised fears of a new Cold War in Europe. -AVB

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00:03 | Russia vetoes a UN resolution condemning its invasion of Ukraine

Russia on Friday vetoed the United Nations Security Council against a US-proposed resolution condemning its invasion of Ukraine and demanding the exit of Moscow’s forces from the neighboring country.

The text, co-sponsored by dozens of countries around the world, had the support of 11 of the 15 members of the Security Council, with three countries abstaining – including China – and one vote against by Russia. -Ali

00:02 | Ukrainian president says Russian forces will try to seize Kiev tonight

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed that the invading Russian army is preparing for a final attack to seize the capital, Kiev, in the early hours of Saturday (02/26/2022).

“We cannot lose the capital. I speak to our defenders, men and women on all fronts: Tonight, the enemy will use all its strength to break through our defenses in the most brutal, cruel and inhumane way. Tonight, they are,” Zelensky said in a video posted on the presidency’s website. -AVB

00:01 | France will send 800 soldiers and four fighters to NATO allies in the east

France will send a total of 800 soldiers, armored vehicles and four fighters Mirage Eastern European countries are among the decisions taken Friday at the NATO summit to deploy a response force in the region.

The French Ministry of Defense announced in a statement tonight, that a tactical group of 500 soldiers with their equipment will be deployed in Romania. Local media assume that this unit will be equipped with armored vehicles AMX 10 And the Griffon. – Eve.

00:00 | Canada announces sanctions against Putin and bets on excluding Russia from… Swift

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, Friday (02/25/2022), the imposition of sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin, and said that his country supports Russia’s exclusion from the international payment system. Swift In order to make it difficult to finance the invasion of Ukraine.

During his media appearances, Trudeau announced a third set of sanctions against Russia that includes not only Putin but also his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. – Eve.

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