July 1, 2022

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Auracast, the technology that aims to revolutionize Bluetooth

Auracast, the technology that aims to revolutionize Bluetooth

We previously told you the news that will reach you Bluetooth 5.3. However, the improvements do not stop in this new version. Bluetooth SIG, the association behind the standard, has announced Auracast, a new system It will take Bluetooth to a level never seen before.

with oracast, Bluetooth audio devices will be able to stream their content to an “unlimited” number of devices Once. Also, the audio stream will remain fully synchronized. This obviously represents a major technical change for Bluetooth.

Auracast is a new Bluetooth capability that will deliver life-changing audio experiences. It will allow you to share your voice, silence your world and hear your best, and improve the way you relate to others and the world around you.


We also know that these connections don’t have to be limited to headphones only. In fact, Auracast allows us to transmit audio to complex things like an audience address system, or even to something as simple as a smartphone, smart TV or laptop.

Auracast Audio, the future of Bluetooth

Mac Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG, commented that with Auracast they plan to “reshape personal audio and Enabling public spaces and spaces to deliver audio experiences which improve visitor satisfaction and increase accessibility.

With Auracast Audio, we can, for example, transmit sounds from devices in our house to our entire group of friends (be it a movie, video game, music…). also, Even in public places, you can take advantage of this transmission technology. For example, listening to the sounds of screens in public places like the gym.

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The possibilities are endless, and of course it will not only allow us to use it for entertainment. Auracast Audio as well It can become a great ally for people with hearing impairmentsIt will allow them to enjoy the world around them in a more comfortable and safe way.

In fact, the company thinks so Auracast could become the basis for a new generation of assisted listening systems (ALS). Which is that while the technology works well on a personal and entertainment level, this is not really a basic need such as improving the quality of life for users with hearing impairments.

Where can we find this technology

Those with Bluetooth LE will be the ones that can take advantage of Auracast. This rule applies to both the sender and the receiver.No matter what kind a tool to be treated.

However, it seems that not all devices with Bluetooth LE will be able to access it. According to the description official webThese bluetooth receivers They must also have Auracast compatibility In itself.

in the coming months, Bluetooth SIG will release more details about Auracast technology. We still don’t know when the first devices capable of using it will arrive, but seeing all the benefits it offers, we hope it will be very soon.