August 8, 2022

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Australia and New Zealand are ready to party

Australia and New Zealand are ready to party

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

AndHe July 20, 2023 The day will go down in history Women’s World Cup It will, for the first time, be accompanied 32 teams. It will be played 365 days before the start of the tournament Australia-New Zealand19 countries have already been classified. Who is missing? When are they defined? Find out.

To begin with, there are federations that already have their representatives. Concacaf, AFC (Asia) and CAF (Africa)Those who played and issued tickets for the respective matches World Cup.

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Apart from the two organisers, Australia Y New Zealand, Asian representatives are already on the plane for the World Cup. These are: China, South Korea, Philippines, Japan Y Vietnam.

World Cup in Monterey, All four tickets were issued and none were added Mexico, Poor participation. USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Jamaica They were the ones who advanced semi-final and sealed their place.

The Africa Cup of Nations has defined his own with the leading role of Uchenna Kanu with Nigeria. In addition to Tigres’ forward squad, other promotions include: Morocco, South Africa and Zambia.

In europe, Some powers are already qualified World: Denmark, Spain, France and Sweden. Seven more vacancies are to be filled and will expire in September 2022. Play-offs between top seconds and third parties are still missing. The European qualifiers have two more days to play in the group stage.

It will not take long to meet them Conmebol. The America’s Cup Taking place in Colombia will give you the opportunity to travel Australia-New Zealand For three exams. But they will meet on July 30.

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The last three holes will be filled Playoffs between different federations. Cameroon, Haiti, Senegal, Chinese Taipei, Panama and Thailand Waiting for the champion oceania, Fourth and fifth place Conmebol and to the 12th place UEFA. To seal the last three ads, we have to wait February 2023.

Another World Cup without him. Women are tri Among its participants. Another party is expected to emerge within a year, bigger than the existing one France 2019Growing women’s football around the world.

Women’s World Cup 2023 Dates: Australia and New Zealand

will be played from From July 20 to August 20, 2023. The Women’s World Cup, which was born as a 12-team tournament in 1991 and expanded to 16 nations, is the first time that 32 nations are competing. USA 1999 Already 24 inches Canada 2015.

Qualified for 2023 Australia and New Zealand

Australia, Canada, China PR, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Jamaica, Japan, Republic of Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA, Vietnam, Zambia.

Intercontinental qualifiers

Dates: February 18-23, 2023

Participating Teams: 10

Tickets for Australia and New Zealand 2023: 3

Qualified for the playoff round: Cameroon, Chinese Taipei, Haiti, Panama, Senegal and Thailand.

How does it work?: The 10 nations will be divided into three groups, which will include a semi-final and a final. The winners of each group will qualify for Australia and New Zealand 2023.

Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023 Venues

Brisbane Stadium – Brisbane, Australia
Dunedin Stadium – Dunedin, New Zealand
Eden Park – Auckland, New Zealand
Hindmarsh Stadium – Adelaide, Australia
Melbourne Rectangular Arena – Melbourne, Australia
Perth Rectangular Arena – Perth, Australia
Stadium Australia – Adelaide, Australia
Sydney Football Stadium – Sydney, Australia
Waikato Stadium – Hamilton, New Zealand
Wellington Original Stadium – Wellington, New Zealand

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