August 19, 2022

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Averages of all F1 drivers in 2022

Averages of all F1 drivers in 2022

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Every season, fans enjoy Formula 1 They dream of imitating their idols, but due to the obvious difficulty of being able to drive a real one-seater car, they always have the official video game at their disposal. Thanks to this, millions of followers of the great circus can immerse themselves in a virtual world, becoming Fernando AlonsoAnd the Lewis Hamilton also Max Verstappen Transformation.

However, with the introduction of new game modes, the company that makes the game has decided to give ratings to drivers based on their level in real life, as is usually the case in sports-style installments. FIFA also NBA 2K. This generates a lot of controversy every year, because some do not agree with the averages of each member of the network, even in the specific stats, which this course is experience, skill, reflexes and cadence.

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Taking these areas into consideration, for this purpose F1 22the epic that changed its name after the acquisition of EA Sports, there is a tie at the top of the ratings between last season’s title contenders.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have 94 in total, so they will be the most sought after in the world My team modealthough it would not be a bad choice for one of the contenders for the 2022 Champion’s Cup, Charles Leclercwhere Monegasque has an average of 92.

Leaving the most valuable podium in the official Formula 1 video game, we find a British surprise, Lando Norris s George Russellwhose performance managed to rise to the level of a general 90, which is one point more than two-time Spanish champion Fernando Alonso, who has 89.

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Behind them appears a pilot who has always been held in high esteem in the Codemasters saga, Valtteri Bottaswhich is equal to Sergio Perez With an average of 88, surpassing that of the other member of the team FerrariAnd the Carlos Sainz JrWhich amounts to a total of 87 points.

After that, the pilots of the central region begin to appear, like Sebastian Vettel (85), or Pierre Gasly (84) Those who distance themselves from them Daniel Ricciardo s Stephen Ocon (83) who have the same observation. Alex Alban (82), Kevin Magnussen (81) and Lance’s Outing (80).

In the latter places, the lack of experience is seen in the highest category of motorsports, as EA Sports and Codemasters have decided to put Yuki Tsunoda (78), Mike Schumacher (77), Nicholas Latifi s Guanyu Zhou (70).

Although any player will be able to have each driver on their own team, it will always be more difficult to get the title candidates in real life than most beginners, but the fun is almost guaranteed with the new generation of single-seaters and a good simulator.

F1 Drivers Socks in the Official Video Game 2022

Site pilot average in the game
the first Max Verstappen 94
the first Lewis Hamilton 94
Third Charles Leclerc 92
the fourth Lando Norris 90
the fourth George Russell 90
VI Fernando Alonso 89
seventh Valtteri Bottas 88
seventh Sergio Perez 88
ninth Carlos Sainz 87
The tenth Sebastian Vettel 85
eleventh Pierre Gasly 84
twelveth Daniel Ricciardo 83
twelveth Stephen Ocon 83
fourteenth Alex Alban 82
15th Kevin Magnussen 81
sixteen Lance’s Outing 80
17 Yuki Tsunoda 78
18 Mike Schumacher 77
19 Nicholas Latifi 70
twenty Guanyu Zhou 70
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