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Barcelona: Barca and Nike have been working together without a contract since 2016

Barcelona: Barca and Nike have been working together without a contract since 2016

nike I saw the Barcelona Since 1998 but since 2016 he has been without a contract. Only the initial agreement, which was never formalized, unites the two brands, he explains. EFE. First because there are disagreements and then because of the pandemic and the election of a new president, the process is taking a long time. This has caused some tension between the two institutions.

In May 2016, he headed the entity Bartomeu About renewing the contract with nike until 2028, although the previous link did not expire until 2018. The sports brand pays a constant 105 million euros to Just For each season there are some variants that can go up to 155.

Specifically in Compromisarios Association In October, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Entity Barcelona, Manel Arroyo’s photoExplanation of the terms and ratification of the agreement. In addition to equipment, nike The rights of association and use of the trademark are secured Just, advertising and Hospitality.

in favor of econmico

With O K. for partners, Bara and Nike They agreed to sign the final, most detailed contract two years later, when the previous contract expires. According to sources familiar with the negotiation process, that 2016 agreement was a service at the time nike did to Just, who wanted money immediately to achieve the goals of the board of directors Bartomeu.

In July 2018, the end of the period in which it was agreed to formalize the contract, disagreements arose. Agreements reached in pre-contract such as the club’s redemption of stores and retail sale or e-commerce distribution, became complicated when it came time to detail them.

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However, right before the epidemic there was a time when Bara and Nike They finally considered formalizing the contract. But the arrival of the Corona virus brought everything down, after which they preferred to wait for the arrival of a new president.

The result of all this was that even today the various clauses of the pre-contract were more open than usual to subjective interpretations of Bara and NikeWhich caused some tension between the two entities. Conceptually, this type of advance contract is known as the “short form” and is a valid document pending formalization of the “long/detailed contract”.

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Contacts with Laporta

. sources Just He made it clear that during this summer, already with Joan Laporta As president, there have been meetings with nike To formalize the contract, with FC Barcelona’s interest in having more autonomy, but for the time being they have not come to fruition.

Among other things, because the North American multinational is already doing well with the flexibility of this advance contract at a time of cutbacks in the midst of a global pandemic. In fact, the same sources show that the relationship between Nike and Para Now “not good” and that the brand Oregon He considers that the numbers he is currently paying the club are above market price.

The desire to nikeWhat turns out that the time for services is over, is to reduce them. When asked about all these aspects, representatives of the multinational companies preferred not to make statements.

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