May 21, 2024

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The future of the Samsung Galaxy Note is more in doubt than ever

The future of the Samsung Galaxy Note is more in doubt than ever

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Creating a mobile device is a really complicated task. It is not just the technical department but the entire operational strategy that surrounds it.

One of the keys is to record the names of each family or model, which may seem trivial but means a Problem for Apple with iPhone.

This is why brands are very careful when renewing licenses for their brands, especially important ones, such as Galaxy for Samsung.

Samsung does not renew the Galaxy Note brand

We have seen in the past hours how the Korean company has renewed a large part of its portfolio of brands to be able to continue releasing models with these names in 2022.

in the middle of the Netherlands Galaxy Club They echoed the families that would see continuity, like the Galaxy S or Galaxy A.

The point is, if you look closely, there’s one big absence: the Galaxy Note. Samsung wasn’t going to renew that family, something that could presumably bite it de facto of note.

Does the Galaxy Zs work… very well?

Rumors about the death of the note have been persistent for about a year. In fact, the last thing that was said was that Samsung would have postponed the launch of a model of this family due to the lack of chips.

However, no one realizes that this type of phone was any less different from the Galaxy S, with the exception of the S-Pen.

Galaxy S21 Ultra and Spin

Galaxy S21 Ultra and Spin

This accessory is now compatible not only with the S21 Ultra, but also with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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It’s true that none of them were designed to house it inside, but if Samsung did that in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Note would be without a differential element.

On the other hand, Samsung itself He was surprised by the good performance in folding reservations and sales, which was called to be the bond substitutes as the end of the second half of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 y Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 y Z Fold 3

Alvarez del Vaio

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It would be very rare for the company to maintain three families of high-end mobile phones for the long term.

Nothing has been confirmed

Despite everything, Samsung has not issued any statement indicating that it will not see further notes, so the trademark renewal could simply take place on other dates.

We’ll have to wait for the company to make a statement or have enough time to consider the family dead.

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